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What now!

Since I started my menopause, which was 4 years ago I've been having a terrible time, my poor stomach has gone through the wars, first it was the menopause, then gastroenteritis, then more scan, more endoscopies, then helibactus pylori, then a colonoscopy, and now divaticulitus, now IBS!, I find every day a struggle and just want my life back. How can IBS be so debilitating?, I'm at my wits end, I'm always ill, what is going on, another night on the toilet and another day in bed, any suggestions my friends, I feel alone with all this, my family are good but having this has taken its toll on me and my long suffering family

Any input would be greatly recieved

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Hi Cimmy. I too am having the most horrible menopause related digestive disruption. I thought I was over menopause, ie: no period for 18 months, then completely out of the blue, had a very tiny period, and, wham, the most horrible anxiety and gurgling, painful digestive system, with pelvic pain, and general "weirdness"! I had weakness in the top of my legs, twitching, popping muscles in my calves, tingling in my hands and feet, and pain in my bottom !!!! The clinicians here in the UK are absolutely rubbish with understanding menopause, but I have joined an excellent UK based forum called "Menopause Matters", and know that many women have both late menopause symptoms, and hormone related IBS. It is with that understanding, that I hope it will eventually pass, some have told me 5 years, from start to finish of the symptoms, not when the periods stop, that appears to be a red herring!!!!

I do understand.

Ruth. xx


Hi Ruth, thank god it's not only me, all of your described symptoms are exactly what I'm going through, it has given me hope of finding a solution, I will visit the menopause forum, and hopefully get some valuable information, and I agree with you about the doctors, they seem to brush you off, many people think "oh is only IBS" but it's horrible, I'm sick of antibiotics as I seem to be on them all the time, I just want my life back.

Once again thank you for you reply.

Linda xx


Oh Linda, believe me, it is a viscious circle, you are scared to death with what is happening, noone tells you about the weird stuff, just hot flushes they talk about, so when you have anything else, your mind goes into overdrive, anxiety levels go through the roof, and you are even worse! I have calmed down now that I have been prodded, poked, scanned, and all is fine, even my pelvic floor is fine! So my consultant has started me on Amitriptyline, a relaxant to calm the bowels down, and Sertraline for the anxiety. Are you American or UK based, it might have a different name? I have only been on them for a week, and have to say the digestion is a little better, the anxiety comes and goes, so that may need topping up with HRT. And, of course, antibiotics will cause upset digestion, again a viscious circle! Please log into the forum, you would not believe the misery that some women are struggling with, all without much help, as the doctors are rubbish!! There is a consultant you can email, who is the clinical lead for the site, costs about £15, or she will ring, not sure of price of that. Believe me Linda, you really, really one of many with exactly the same symptoms! Please free to chat again. Ruth.xx


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