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any new ideas for ibs please

I have sufferered with ibs for about 22 years and it hasnt got any easier, mine was through stress (so i was told) im backward and forward to my gp but dont really get anywhere, I do have other medical problems so maybe thats why. At the mo im only taking laxido which is a powder you mix with water to help make bowel movements more regular, it does settle my stomache a little but as for regular bowel movements no such luck, im having a very bad day today and was searching the internet and found this site, joined and here I am, so if any body has any good advice I wold love to share it with you. Thanks

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Freshly ground flaxseeds are effective too. Right now I'm trying flax oil a tsp in the morning. Take a teaspoon of olive oil before dinner. Most laxatives irritate my poor colon and I have Parkinson's as well so I'm seeing a whole raft of doctors. Wish me luck!


in the same boat about 27 years i have had this life had a bad day feel like barb wire has run through my intestines and out the opposite end had a few too many to drink but made me feel better some days are worse than others but some days are ok .theres always someone worse off thats what i always tell myself tomorrows another day hopefully for you its a bowel unsensitive non toilet day yeehah with lots of wind that makes you feel empty


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