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Is it normal for the cramps to disappear after eating?

I have been diagnosed as suffering from IBS by a consultant and had te usual list of recommendations to minimise the discomfort. I have been prescibed Audomonal but cannot detect any relief from the tablets however when I am having the pains they seem to begin mid-morning and increase until I have something to eat which regularly eases the pain. This seems to be the same scenario during the afternoon but when I have discussed this with my doctor he is at a loss. The problem is that tight clothing adds to the discomfort and eating too much causes weight gain. Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.

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I'm not familiar with that personally, tight clothes are an issue for me and I have to eat at the same times every day or I suffer. To be perfectly honest everyone's experience is different so the word normal doesn't really apply. If the tablets aren't working try different ones as its trial and error. I take loperamide, alverine and buscopan three times a day and its helped massively.


yes, i'm familiar with this phenomenon. must have to do with bloating. sometimes I'm in agony at bedtime but if I can sleep with sleep aids, I wake up OK


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