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Finally Admiting and Accepting I suffer from IBS

Since I was 16 years, over a period of 28 years, I have been diagnosed with IBS. I have tried a variety of diets, treatments, tests and fed up binge eating!!! The symptoms have fluctuated throughout my life with periods of relative calm to rushing into hospital with severe symptoms to only be diagnosed, once more, with IBS. Infact one Consultant told me "sorry you have IBS I am afraid it is not as sexy as cancer so we have very little research on it, eat more fibre!"

In 2012 things came to ahead my symptoms reach an all time high extreme reflux, back pain, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and flatulance to the point I stopped eating and lost 2 stone. The lack of nutrition then moved me into extreme fatigue, bowel problems and I stopped menstrating. This then effected my quality of life, work and mood swings. 'This cannot be IBS' so yet again I had all the tests this time a 5cm lump, which the consultant had never seen anything like before, was found in the wall of my stomach. This confirmed, in my mind, I did not have IBS!!!

In December 2012 I had an operation to remove the unusual lump and despite all the experts saying 'this will not cure your IBS' my mind was made up I was soon going to be pain free and be able to eat or drink anything I wanted. Unfortunatley, my world came crashing down once more when two weeks after my operation my symptoms reappeared with added vigor. So not only am I recovering from a stomach operation, have a poor appetite I also have all my IBS symptoms.

After a short period of mourning and a particular awful bout of IBS on New Years Eve I have now decided to once again take control and accept I have IBS. I have a doctors appointment to be recommended to a dietition to help me enjoy food again while being more precise on what foods I am less tolerent, I have joined this network to share my experience and raise the profile of IBS to help sufferers get expert help more readily so they do not feel their illness is insignificant. The generic term 'IBS' used by doctors requires to be followed with help and support for the individual because as we all know our triggers can be so different which often leaves us feel we are on our own. Roll on 2013!!!

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I can totally empathise with you, I have had ibs for years but am going through a really bad spell at the moment and have done for two months now, severe constipation and reflux, pain and wind,still keep worrying that it is definitely ibs and not something else , think we all need to try and think positive and just get on with our,lives otherwise it will just take over, best of luck for 2013 x


Agree with LucyKris that it can take over your life and I, like alot of others, are getting fed up with it. The worse thing for me is stomach cramps, wind and bloating, one minute my stomach looks reasonable the next it's bloated.

Anyway, I'm now waiting for the Dietician to get back to me once she/a colleague has had some training and will then put me on the FODMAP diet.

Best of luck to the both of you and here's to a much better 2013. x


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