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Gastrocolic Reflex - Anyone suffering??

Hello Friends -

In conjunction with my Continence Nurse here in York, I am getting sorted out with a regime of bowel management. I had major constipation and my colon was full of poo following a x-ray.

I have now developed a condition called Gastrocolic Reflex. If anyone has got this highly troublesome condition you will know what it is.

I have number of health issues to deal with - Ankylosing Spondylitis (autoimmune condition), neurological problems since early 20's (now 64), hypertension, stroke etc etc. I take many meds to manage everything.

This current problem is doing my head in!!

I would be grateful to get any help, advice, and words of comfort (if any).

Thanks - Mike

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yes, now that I've looked it up in Wikipedia, I do especially the day after Thanksgiving (here in New York :0 ). I have in connection with Parkinson's with visceral "off" (when my meds wear off, everything stops!). I've recently seen a special physical therapist for abdominal pain. Very educational! Also diet and exercise and another prescription which I shall try today for the first time. Don't give up! I haven't at 72. :D


Wow Pat! - you have spirit! Thanks for your words of comfort. I am not looking forward to this Christmas time........... Keep going and i won't give up! Mike


hi mike this is ann im 50 iv got bowel problem,s also got spasmonic bowel iv had to change my diet im glutten and wheat iv had to stop smokin so i also ended up in a wheelchair with the amount of pressure that my belly was puttin on my spinel cord it,s so annoyin because u dont know wat next is goin to be thrown at you but you keep smilin and juat keep smilin


Hi Ann - am so sorry to hear about all your issues, it must so horrible for you, As you say - just keep on smilin....... Mike


Hi Kerry - Thanks for the info on the GAP diet. I will have a look at the site and see if I can get my head around it all! Being strict is not in my regime but I am determined to get on top of it all.

Rgds - Mike


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