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Hi! I've just joined this network as I've been diagnosed with IBS. I need some serious tips about dieting. Can anyone help?

I have been reading some questions and answers on this site and it has been quite helpful. Since been diagnosed with IBS I've never had abdominal pain, however my faeces are not consistent as in texture and I'm very gassy. I hope that some tips on dieting will help me. Thank you.

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Hi everyone has different trigger foods and they can change as well. its usually a good idea to do a food diary to see what sets you off then its just a process of elimination. i can say most ibs sufferers have problems with dairy products,spicy food,fried food.also some fruits particularly citrus. i also had to quit smoking and alchohol. hope this helps


Thank you. I'll keep an diary and see where it takes me. Thank you again.


I agree, it would be so difficult to come up with a list of trigger foods for everyone. At the moment I have a little flare up but cannot see what has caused it IE same diet, but it has still allowed a tender bowel at the moment.

Keep a list of things that make you worse and after a time you may get a proper feel for your triggers.



Thank you all. It's been very helpful.



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