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managing ibs symptoms

Hi, I am new to this site and have been suffering with IBS for a while, but I have only just found this forum after recently buying a laptop!

The main problem I have is with constipation, diarrhea and acid reflux. Does anyone mind sharing their main problems and how they deal with these symptoms? I have tried over the counter remedies but they don’t always work. Thanks.

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yes I suffer from Ibs so the Gp says I am mainly constipated pains especially underright rib . He wants me to take an old antidepressant amiltriptyline I am also taking paracetamol movicol for constipation pregablin for fibro and anxiety and diazepam for anxietyI have I have always had some bloating last three weeks it has spread to upper abodomen so even though I am 83 I look pregnant and the pain is really getting me downI had a blood test for celiac condition yesterday. I dont deal very well with my symptoms and have found in the past antidepessants have ad verse side effect I get so tired with painand feel doped with medication that at times I just rest of course excercise in my case beig arthritif I canot walk far is good I have been told to drink plenty of water. I donr get acid rflux now..I have been told to drink plenty of water up to 4 pints a day for constipation violetta 10. also to keep of gluten and dairy !!!!


im new to this site to its not easy tryin to manage i.b.s there,s days wen u think wats it worth but u smile and try to carrry on im on amiltrityline i take parecetamol and so many more iv bin bloated this time nearly a week my back start,s to hurt


I've had IBS for 8 years, one being constipation, one alternating and six with diarrhoea, classed as moderate/severe. I'm 24 and tried all sorts! The key to managing the symptoms is to find the remedy/remedies that work on your system. It's a long slog but it needs to be done! I've done all the exclusion diets (no dairy, no gluten, fodmap etc) and cognitive therapies and the only thing that has worked for me is an assortment of medication and discovering a few triggers. Something that works for you might not work for someone else and vice versa.

I have acid trouble which is managed with lansoprazole. The acid makes the diarrhoea worse so it helped with that too. I take loperamide and codeine for the diarrhoea and buscopan and amitriptyline for the cramps. I avoid wholegrain and insoluble fibre as these are definite triggers and the bane of a diarrhoea sufferer's life! I also make sure I stay hydrated. Stress is another trigger; I am due back at uni tomorrow and I can feel myself panicking for no reason so I'll have to chill out for a bit in order for my symptoms to not go crazy in the morning!!

If you need any more info, just ask! Good luck x


thank you for your advice, the only advice i have been given in the pass is by doctors, i have lost faith in them . im looking for advice from people who suffer the same as i do, its my first time useing tne internet and the first time going on forums, i have recieved better advice from yourself and other sufferes than i did from the docters, god bless you and everyone who takes part in involed with this forum, and those who suffer like us. good luck x


hi, im new here too , thre doesnt seem many people , did you get any replies at all ,, valerie ,,im wondering if pain killers can be taken cause as it sometimes last al day ,, you cant keep taking them all day con u , i get pain evey two days or so ,,,, are in the uk ???


hi, All was going fine after taking soya milk. Foolishly purchased turkish delight choc bar and now regretting it. Now back on soya milk and lactose free and hope IBS settles gain. Not an easy condition to sort out.


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