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Hello All!

I'm new to the IBS network but not to IBS. I've been living with it for 10yrs now. I was a junior in high school. It started out as cramping and diarrhea after eating. Through the yrs, I either go months without hardly any problems or I go months not being able to enjoy food. Right now is one of my dark periods that has lasted since last October. I've last weight which isn't good cause I'm a small person anyways. Its bad when people notice the weight loss when you don't really have any weight to really loose. I recently went to a specialist. My colon is fine. The dr so gladly stated that its in my head. Well, I knew it had something to do with it. I got stressed out around the time my symptoms appeared but now I seem to be in this neverending cycle. Mind over matter right. I wish it were easy just to tell myself its all in my head and I'll be fine. Its not that easy. I've gone months feeling this way and it takes time to get over the fact that my worrying is making it worse. Its given me anxiety problems. Something I didn't really have until this year. My husband is trying to be understanding but I can tell he gets frustrated with me. So for now, I tell him that's its going to take me some time for me to actually think differently. Its going to be rough forcing myself to eat when I feel nauseous or my stomach is making weird gurgly sounds. I know I need to; I need my normal weight back. I need my life back. Its going to be a bumpy road and I'm going to need all the support I can get!

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Hello! Actually I haven't heard of the GAPS diet. I've heard of the SCD diet and thought about trying it out. I'm horrible with diets though. I can never commit to them. I hate it when the drs say its all in your head but I always wonder how that is when I start having symptoms without ever thinking about being sick. It just happens. I think the main thing for me is the stress and anxiety of it all. Anywho, yes I'm glad to have stumbled on this site. I know I'm not alone and that their are several out there that have it. Some worse than others. So thank you for welcoming me and good luck to you and hopefully you remain symptom free!


U poor sod, it's what I have daily and I'm sure other people do too, have you tried to tackle the route cause of your anxiety and gone to yoga or pilates for example? I know going to pilates is the best thing I ever did as it relaxes me, which affects my bowel, stomach etc. Try Kolanticon gel which is an anti-spasmodic and gastrocote which removes some of the acid. Good luck!


I know what you mean about it going round and round in a never ending cycle. For me it most definitely is brain related. My IBS only occurs in certain 'high stress' situations well, they are high stress for me, relating to food. You just get to the stage where you are talking to yourself about it and trying to trick your brain into thinking that it wont happen and you are being silly etc... Trouble is, it's so easy to try and avoid situations that bring on the symptoms and in turn that makes people offended or upset. Nightmare. Drugs don't work. Hypnotherapy doesn't work. Diet doesn't work. What's next?


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