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Tips for travelling abroad with ibs please

I am going on holiday in October but not sure where. It may be Tunisia or that area. Since being diagnosed with ibs, I have cut out dairy, gluten and wheat and this change of diet has helped enomously but I am concerned about going away where this diet will not be possible and I dont want to never travel abroad again. I dont fancy taking immodium etc for 2 weeks as this only clogs me up. Obviously I take all necessary precautions when I do go away which is usually twice a year but this is the first time with ibs. I only drink bottled water abroad and wipe or wash fresh fruit etc and only eat in the hotel or decent eating places never from side of the road places. I will probably being going all inclusive so cannto choose my own food. Any tips or advice to hep me have an ibs free holiday while enjoying a relaxed diet without fear of ibs symptons would be greatly appreciated...

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Hi Dotblake,

I too have recently been diagnosed with IBS (D) and have just returned from a one week holiday in Cyprus (30 degrees plus each day). I was very nervous about spending a week in a hot country, as I know some IBS sufferers are badly effected by heat. In addition my IBS attacks had started five weeks previous to Cyprus whilst on my honeymoon in the US - during this time I was ill everyday and felt terrible, which made my anxiety about going abroad again all the worse (which, as we know is no help at all for an IBS sufferer!!). Turns out going to Cyprus was the best thing I could have done for my body.

I was prepared, I took quite a few packets of immodium just in case, and things I knew I could eat, white pasta, rice, breakfast muffins, jammie dodgers, peppermint tea, some vitamin water. I also made sure I had the holiday essentials so as not to get overheated; suncream, hat, cool clothes. Made sure I was by the aisle on the plane too. I also went to my doctor beforehand who told me to pack myself with immodium before the flight, which I did. I didn't take any more once in Cyprus. I did the same as you whilst abroad too, bottled water, eat in nice looking places etc.

Throughout the whole holiday I was pretty much fine, a couple of nauseous hours here and there and a nervous tummy but that was it. It was fantastic! A break could be what your stomach needs! (since returning to work and facing a daily commute it's back to it's horrible self though!)

Although I've given you an account of how I prepared for my IBS, you will need to think about your own symptoms and how you can best prepare yourself. Firstly consider what is it you are most worried about and decide how can you prepare for this or prevent it altogether? Do you think you'll be effected by heat? How can you prepare for this (does your hotel have air con, a pool etc.)? Are there certain foods you should/shouldn't be eating? Can you take food with you for your bad days? Will flight anxiety affect you, if so what can you take for it? Could you go self catering so you can choose your own food? Has your doctor got any advice?

I hope this is helpful, and if you want to run any ideas/ questions past me please post again! Good luck.


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