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I was diagnosed with IBS years ago. Week ago I had abdominal pain [walked for 9 days before going to A&E for help because doctor didnt know]

An xray showed faecal impaction. I was shocked because my bowel movements were normal-no constipation. Was prescribed lactulose and Ispaghula Husk. Slightly improved.... Has anyone else had this? How long does it take to clear? Should I try Epsom Salts? Also read about OxyPowder [supposed to be really good?]. Any info or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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I have had a rough 2years, recently went onto soya and lactose free with big improvement. Not seen gp since January as wasnt making progress with them, just seemed to think I was complaining over slight discomfort. Not very nice for you, just a case of doing your best. Wondered what type of x-ray you had. Tough going but keep strong.


Thanks Osborne. I had an abdominal xray. As you can imagine, I was quite shocked when the doctor at a&e told me that I had an impaction! Except for a constant abdominal pain, everything else was fine... I am always careful with my diet, watch what I eat etc and then still had this happen. I do know though that my fluid intake was not sufficient...[too much fibre and not enough liquid]. Im now making sure I have 2l of water every day.


Just wondered how things are with you now. I am still on lactose free and much improved, think a lactose test is possible if and when see gp about it.


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