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hi all fellow ibs suffers I have now had ibs for about 13 years a lot worse since giving up smoking 11 years ago I have tride a lot to help

I have tride lots of medicines from my gp but they seem to upset my stomach more so I have now seen a diet person who said about fodmaps and trying lacto free, and soya milk witch upset my stomach again also tride spelt bread and all the brown breads but yet again I suffered bad stomach pains dose any one know if you can have a food intolerance test on the nhs I look forward to your replys

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Soya upsets me too. Try oat or coconut milk and change to gluten free bread. The FOdmap exclusion diet is great for a lot of us so why not give it a try? You can get some tests on NHS I believe but that diet really does help you weed out the foods you cannot tolerate. It has resulted in my having no pain now after 26 years of suffering. Good luck.


hi sashapet thanks for that once you changed to oak / coconut milk and gluten free bread who long did it take for you to notice a change thanks again


I'm not aware that the NHS will test for a food intolerance, but you can get a reasonably-priced test called the Food Detective from Cambridge Nutritional Sciences camnutri.com/food-detective... It tests for over 40 of the common intolerances and is accurate if carried out correctly. If you don't want to do the test on yourself, or want help interpreting the results, then a Nutritional Therapist will be able to do this for you. Hope this helps!


I'm not saying that JUST changing a couple of things helped, just suggesting they MAY help if you are not doing the full Fodmaps diet. I have been on Fodmaps since last August and after about 4 weeks it noticeably helped but it takes probably six months to get through all of it by elimination progress. It is not a quick fix and everybody is different in that some foods that are listed as safe, are still not safe for some people. It is trial and error but in a well- tried and disciplined way with lots of help in the form of an app and various books. Do a search on this site and you will find loads of information about it and other peoples experiences in order to help you decide. Hope this helps


Hi. When I started FODMAP I noticed an improvement within days. My breakfast was the biggest culprit and it took me a couple of days eliminating things from it one by one.

I have almond milk instead of dairy (Blue diamond brand).

Soya beans are a FODMAP so that's why you react to the milk. In some countries they process the soya milk differently so that it is possible to have on a FODMAP diet but I have not found this in the UK.

Have you had the Hydrogen Breath test to determine if fructose, lactose or sucrose are your problems? You can get that done on the NHS. Usually have to get a referral to a gastroenterologist who can check for other things too...celiac. It's worth getting done so that you know for sure rather than just begin eliminating foods that you may not have to.

Btw, I find all GF breads give me some sort of reaction....a lot of GF foods are not FODMAP friendly!

Cooking from scratch and coming up with alternatives to eat are the way forward


Hi, thanks for all that information. I had a look at the FODMAP website, interesting stuff on there.



i believe it depends on your gp but generally from my research it's a no . i wish!


Hi someone told me you can get blood test done to check for food intolerance. I have suffered with Ibe for 20yrs and it's getting worse as I get older I drink prune juice that seems to help me cos I get really bloated and suffer with backache really bad and I eat plenty of broccoli which helps.


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