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How do you cope with the anxiety that comes with IBS.

Some days I get an awful panicky feeling, that feeling in your stomach you get when let’s say going to the dentist

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I'll be honest with you - I like to go the pharmacological route. In the past, that meant good old- fashioned Xanax. These days, I take Lorazepam (which is just OK), as well as CBD oil & Delta 8 THC.

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edwangy in reply to winfong

Are you in the UK? how do you get your GP to prescribe the benzos

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Ha! I don't. I'm in the US (born in UK), but it's just as hard over here. I guess Lorazepam is a benzo though. I just made my case, mentioned that I had taken them before with no problems, and promised I would make it thru 6 months with just 10. Honestly, tho, I really just use them as a last resort, as well as breaking them in half.

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Thought so

Hi! Try going for a short walk in the park or doing some yoga at home. I find it really helps. Or even some guided meditation (YouTube have lots of easy ten mins ones). You can also do guided imagery if you don’t fancy meditation. Basically try any activity (physical or otherwise) that’s calming and will distract you for a little while. I find mine flares up most when I’m anxious so try to manage my anxiety before it effects my Ibs. If you feel it’s too much then defo go to you gp for medication!

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winfong in reply to Blossoms1

I'm also a big one for exercise, nature & a good back. I should have made that clear in my first post. Pharmacology is typically a last resort.

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winfong in reply to winfong

Arrgghh! Good read, not good back.

Please consider going on the GAPS protocol. To 1) help control your IBS, and 2) help cure your anxiety issues. It worked for me!

Please explain GAPS

I struggle with anxiety and find I'm stuck in a vicious cycle of pain increasing my anxiety/anxiety increasing my pain. I use mindfulness via the headspace app and gut directed hypnotherapy via the nerva app. I read, bake, knit or go for a walk with dog. I also go to the gym and do Thai chi classes. It is draining and miserable and I would love to be able to find an easy solution. I dont manage very well with medication as the side effects make me feel too sluggish. I tried non sedating antidepressants, but I couldn't get through the initial increase in anxiety they caused. For me, it's trying to find something that will absorb my attention and wait for the worst of the physical feeling to pass. I hope you find something that helps and that knowing others are walking the same path might be a little reassuring to you.

Thank you, I do practice Yoga see and walk the dog daily, it’s the feeling of a racing heart and helplessness I find daunting.

That should say sew

I have awful anxiety with my IBS and it’s a bit of a chicken/egg thing, I really don’t know which came first. My IBS and anxiety has been so, so bad recently. I have tried relaxation, hypnotherapy, low fodmap, I exercise every day but still struggling. Spoke to my gp on Monday, she wants me to take Duloxetine but she did say I’ll feel worse before feeling better which puts me off! I just want to break this anxiety/symptom cycle as it’s controlling me right now.

Try rescue remedy products.. like the tongue spray. I won’t leave the house without it. Can get it from Holland and Barrett or Amazon

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Bassem1979 in reply to KMLxx

Hi what’s is the spray called ?

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KMLxx in reply to Bassem1979

Bach Rescue Remedy spray. There’s a night time one and a day time one (I have both) It comes in other forms but I prefer the spray because it’s instant and doesn’t mess up your tummy.

I know what you mean it’s like a catch 22 situation when we go out my husband says just calm down you will be fine but it’s just not that easy is it people who don’t have it just don’t understand x

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LiamG in reply to JanetJAM

Totally agree,it is a vicious cycle and I get really annoyed when I get a flare up.I tend to get a pain in my bowels which then causes anxiety which then is the only thing on my mind makes my bowels even more active. I think my wife is fed up of days out as a family and I'm disappearing to get nearest loo. It causes a deep sadness that I can't enjoy doing things I used to do with :(

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Sweepy13 in reply to JanetJAM

I’m right there … in that catch 22 and I can not break the cycle all caused by two flare ups while away after a good few months with nothing but twinges and now iv told my GP and he has prescribed citalopram! Iv had it once before for anxiety but this time Im expecting miracles as I desperately need that mind chatter to stop ( oh what’s that pain ! Oh that’s new oh must be something terrible and on and on it goes 🥺) the two just seem best friends go hand in hand

My anxiety manifests as claustrophobia. Doctors and dentists offices never have windows and I slowly start getting panicky. One thing that has really helped is 5htp. I think it's an amino acid. It can make you drowsy though so I take it at bedtime the evening before an appointment.

Your anxiety and IBS may benefit from thiamine. First, research the role thiamine (vitamin B1) preforms in the brain and how anxiety and other conditions may occur from a deficiency. Then follow the vagus nerve from it's beginning in the brain stem and the connection it provides to the gut and other organs. Critical for proper brain and vagus nerve function is adequate thiamine and magnesium to activate the thiamine. Study the pros and cons of various forms of thiamine. Benfotiamine, TTFD, Sulbutiamine, thiamine mononitrate and thiamine hydrochloride. TTFD and sulbutiamine are efficient in passing through the blood/brain barrier. Do a similar study on magnesium. Magnesium threonate is a form that's good passing through the blood/brain barrier. It can be combined with other forms. Look into the other B vitamins too, they work better together. Be aware of anti thiamine factors that lower or destroy thiamine. Searching on "stuttering anti thiamine factors" provides a comprehensive list. It is worth a deeper look. Also search on "Krispin magnesium" for info on magnesium loss. Always consult with your health care provider before using any supplement.

I struggled for a long time, I think the worst for me was the constant worry of IBS flaring up and being anxious about going out. The best thing I found was a course of hypnotherapy with a psychotherapist that I was seeing for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I can't recommend it enough as I used to have stress related IBS and the hypnotherapy completely stopped it and helps when I get any flare-ups.

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Alysm in reply to angelwings52

Are you in the UK? If so where abouts is your physiotherapist you have used please.

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