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Anyone els get bad anxiety?

I get it most of the time a little but some days are extrem where I just feel complete tension or overwelmed by this horrible feeling.

Not got my IBS under control I know I need to cut out some foods and give that a try to see if problems get better. I am finding it hard to cut out and find whats making my stomach bad... I got lacto free milk and find it hard to find gluten and weat free things.... Sometimes I think it would be better not to each at all! There does not seem to be any of these products in the stores.

The problem is I have a lot of stress at the moment which does not help :( As a result the last few days I have had really bad anxiety and today most of all. I just moved nearly 4 months ago abroad to be with my partner and trying to look for work and learn a new language. No luck with work yet so its making things extra stressful! I really feel so fed up and usless at the moment. I don't have anything here to do apart from my course and looking forward to my partner coming home from work. Cleaning the house and I can't just go to the docotors yet to help with IBS and other symptoms because of the language I have to wait for my partner to be home grrrrr! :/ Its not fun I miss work!!! :(

I think if I can at least get my IBS and find out what my other synmptoms are caused by I should feel a bit better lol :) either vitamin deficiancy or underactive thyroid I am going towards.

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Yes, I just feel like screaming at someone "Just tell me what to eat and when to eat it."

My Buddhist practice keeps me grounded. And some principles from 12 step programs are great: One day at a time. Progress, not perfection. Keep it simple sister. etc.

It will get better, you've just made big changes.


Hi, I haven't tried it myself but have read lots of comments in that Yoga might be a very good thing to try. Having IBS I find actually makes you stressful as you get fed up with wind, bloating and pain etc.

I am about to embark on the FODMAP diet and I know it's going to be really hard but am hoping it will be worth it and works.

Best of luck.


I" m a mother of one toddler and I have suffer anxiety for over 7 yrs and my doctor decided to put me in medication but you can overcome it by either crying or sitting down in the floor and put you're head between you're legs and relax for a while


I have both derppssen and anxiety


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