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Are these normal IBS symptoms?

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Sometimes, I'll have no other symptoms and I'll randomly start feeling very hot and sweaty as a wave of nausea hits and I start to feel faint. They don't happen singularly, always at the same time. These symptoms subside if I sit or lay down for a while (time varies - usually it takes just a few minutes, rarely longer). Does anyone else suffer from this?

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To me it doesn't sound like IBS.

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RosaInglesa in reply to b1b1b1

I didn't think so either. Any ideas what it could be?

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Sansme57 in reply to RosaInglesa

It sounds like what I feel like when I have low blood sugar.

To be honest, I've had this but it usually turns into an urge to 'go' then I'm OK. What's your appetite like?

My appetite is pretty much non existent although I monitor what I eat to make sure I'm eating enough.

Suggest you contact your GP. Fainting (medical term is Syncope) can happen for a number of reasons.

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RosaInglesa in reply to Eadaoin

I've never actually passed out - just felt light-headedness. Thank you for your advice!

Hi there I get very hot sweaty feel like I’m gonna faint no nausea tho x

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Does it happen to you often? Thank you!

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Not really maybe occasionally I suffer constipation , but it your worried you she see a doc as it could me many things including anemia which causes dizziness too x

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I've suffered from low iron for over ten years so maybe I am anaemic.

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It could be I’ve had low iron for years too and it does affect the digestive system x

Hay Rosalngesa, in my experience these do not sound like IBS but Panic Attacks, which for me turn into a flare up of IBS-D for a few days.

Do you keep a diary of each episode which includes what you have eaten and feel with what’s gone on in the past few hours? Perhaps this would identify a pattern?

I use an app called Day One so I can just tell Siri how I’m doing, what I have eaten and how i feel etc. So no need to type a monologue, just talk. I find it very helpful.

Do the docs think it’s IBS ?

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RosaInglesa in reply to MrAddy

I do keep a food diary but can't identify any triggers and it never happens during a flare up. I was diagnosed with IBS-D a few years ago.

Sorry, but are you of Menopause age??

No apology necessary! :) No, I'm 25.

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I am tho !! Are those symptoms common ? Dunno why this is underlined 🤣x

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Alybubbles in reply to

It’s just when I went through the menopause, I had hot flushes & nausea.

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It’s the dizziness and off balance feeling that’s getting to me x

I've had all those symptoms, there's usually pain that tells me my stomach is very unhappy and eventually the hotflushes

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Andiball in reply to Andiball

Hot flushes go b4 I need to go to the bathroom. I find the pain doesn't stop for sometime. I do however get blind migraines.

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RosaInglesa in reply to Andiball

Strangely, this never happens to me during a flare up. When I do have a flare up, I have all the classic symptoms including pain.

Sorry I'm not great on my phone yet, lol. The migraine gives me all the symptoms except the pain, good luck.

Hi there yes I get like that too although it can happen during the day my nauseated symptoms tend to happens at night time .

IBS is such a pain isn't it.

Yes I agree , I tend to get hot flushes when I lie down in bed and feel nauseated during a flare, it usually goes after a few minutes !

Yes this has happened to me but it usually means I then have a BM. This happened to me on Sunday followed by a seizure but I do have epilepsy. I'm wondering if I have abdominal epilepsy too

You can have what is called a vasovagal syncop on the toilet and some people pass out with this. It sounds a bit like what you are experiencing.

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Edgar77 in reply to Maureen1958

I go very feint on the loo even when no effort involved at all.

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Edgar77 in reply to Edgar77

Why dont the Docs know about this?

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Maureen1958 in reply to Edgar77

Doctors don't seem to know anything about IBS in my opinion!

No doctor I've seen have ever taken it seriously tbh.

in reply to Maureen1958

Ooh I’ve had the fainting feeling lots times on the throne !!! X

Could they be panic attacks? Or related to menopause or perimenopause? Sorry, but I have no idea what age or sex you are. Definitely through my menopausal years I would get hot and sweaty and feel light headed. Don't recall nausea but that doesn't mean it could not happen.

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RosaInglesa in reply to Quilt2

I'm a 25 year old female!

It sounds as though you may have more than one thing going on. The feeling dizzy could be due to severe constipation, or due to dehydration, which can cause further constipation. I think you definitely need to see your GP or GI team. Good luck, keep well and stay safe.

Maybe. I do suffer from anxiety and panic disorder, but the panic attacks I experience are nothing like the symptoms described. Also, I can always identify a trigger for my panic attacks but when the other faint feeling happens, it comes on at random, unexplainable times. I'm a 25 year old female.

Hormonal ?!

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