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Help me


Does anyone have constant discomfort in the lower left of abdominal, it’s their from when I wake up til I go to sleep. Doctors seem to think I have IBS-C I don’t get bloated after meals or anything.

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Had you asked:- "Does anyone have lower-left-sided pain, and is there anything to help ease it?", I would have answered and offered advice, but just trying to find someone who hurts like you do seems pointless to me.

Jeffrocop in reply to FRreedman

Why did you even bother replying to this person if you’re not going to help them? Your reply is more pointless than their question, and is extremely unhelpful to someone reaching out to ask for help. Have a word with yourself. This sort of unhelpful attitude has no place in this network of people. Either reply to help someone, or don’t reply at all.

Well please can you help me on easing if not eliminating the discomfort as it’s really quite depressing me

Try to avoid eating peanuts, sweetcorn, and Brussel sprouts, as they all antagonise the digestive system. Also avoid alcohol, and try to drink at least two litres of water per day. You should also try to walk briskly for about 1 mile per day. Ask your GP or GI to refer you to a nutritionist who will be able to advise you about a Fodmap diet. Good luck, keep well and stay safe.

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Try warm water with lemon at night before bed. See if yr doctor can refer you for a colonoscopy (nothing to fear) and are you dairy free? Try that ..

Jimtom in reply to Yrhfgddesvv

I used to get it, I tried ginger tea and it sorted it for me.

Might be worth a try.

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Pointless and unhelpful comment! Mean.

I think I have IBS-C and I have pretty much constant discomfort where you are describing so it could still be that even if you don’t notice that much bloating as I don’t always notice bloating but it’s uncomfortable down there

How long have you been suffering from this?

Just over a year now

It could be constipation, just sitting there annoying you. Have you tried taking anything for the constipation to see if that helps at all. The problem with IBS is that it's different for everyone and also even differs for a lot of us from one day to the next. If your doctor thinks it's constipation, that might be a good place to start. Do you think you are consitipated. How often to do go?

Hiya maureen1958, I’ve been experiencing this for like 2/3 months and no matter what I do, what I don’t eat, it just doesn’t ever go away just constant discomfort in the lower abdomen region, I’ve been going but when I go it’s hard to the stool isn’t hard I just have issues going and this started in earlu November

Have you tried taking any laxatives to see if it helps. I tend to be the other way, so don't know a lot about laxatives but I have used milk of magnesia on occasions and my mum always used milk of magnesia if she hadn't been for a couple of days.

Hello, have you been referred to a consultant and had tests to confirm that it is IBS? If not, I would first get onto this. But for the pain I would take two 10 mg buscopan and two 200 mg Ibuprofen, but long term and asap you need an accurate diagnosis. Thereafter, things like diet can help you or fix you, avoid tea and coffee and don't snack between meals.

Yrhfgddesvv in reply to Stuart24

I’ve had a few blood tests, but my mum has ibs snd she has days where she doesn’t have pain I seen it have constant discomfort that never goes just slightly gets better

I’m using Fibrogel twice daily. I think it helped when I began it but now the IBS has retuned, always in lower left abdomen. I’d gone down to one daily so now upped it to two, mine is stress related I’m sure

Have any of you thought having colonic irrigation might help. Over the years toxins build on the sides of the bowel and it won’t come away with laxatives and this can result in pain. I had a colonic and lost 6kilos of toxins. It’s a thought.

Yrhfgddesvv in reply to swarke22

Wait so you removed the toxins and it went away?

I have IBS-C and have been prescribed Linaclotide for it and I am also taking Alflorex probiotic which has been scientifically studied for IBS. These in combination have reduced the pain I am in considerably and I have been able to tolerate more foods so that I am able to consume the extra fibre I need to have a BM. Linaclotide is meant to increase transit time and help with pain. Linaclotide reduced my pain by 50%-60%. When I added in Alflorex, the pain reduced to zero and only comes back when I am reintroducing foods back into my diet and before my body adapts (or I have to give up on that food).

To improve constipation in the short term you can try ground flaxseed on your breakfast, starting at 1 teaspoon and increasing at 1 teaspoon every 2-3 days - you'll need to consume extra water with it.

This is what I have for breakfast: 75g oat bran, 50g of all (wheat) bran soaked overnight in water plus 10 almonds & 1 tablespoon flaxseed ground together, 2 tablespoon chia seeds and 9 prunes plus homemade oat milk - all soaked for a further 15 mins (so the chia seeds form a gel).

There is also Shredded wheat (or GF version: Nutribrex) .

Before lunch I have 1 orange (which contains a natural laxative).

Before dinner I have one of these high fibre fruits:

2 small hard pears

5 dried apricots

90g Raspberries

2 kiwi

I bulk buy fruit and freeze where necessary to allow me to have this variety.

At other meals I have:


Wholewheat bread

Whole grain pastas (Spelt or GF: Buckwheat)

I also take 30 drops of ginger extract before bedtime to aid motility. You may need to work up the dose to say 7 drop increments each night.

I have been giving Optifibre a go, which has been helping but I need to be careful with the amount since it gives me gas.

Exercise can help with BMs. The government recommends 150 mins of moderate exercise (e.g. walking as if you are late for an appointment) or 75 of intense exercise (e.g. jogging) per week. I also have a bit of a walk around straight after breakfast to get things moving.

You need to ensure that you are drinking enough fluids (2 litres of fluid per day).

There is some good advice about constipation here:

Yrhfgddesvv in reply to xjrs

Thankyou I’ll slowly try all this

Check on your pancreas. Blood test. I had that and research lead me to that. My Dr got very worried and gave 2 very strong antibiotics Cipro was 1 can't remember the other. Horse pills! That cleared it up but this election USA has got my gut in knots. We'll see if it stops when Trump does his magic. Good luck.

Can you tell me the symptoms you was having and what tests you had done please x

I have IBS-c and I dont get pain on the left side but I do get pain in the rectal area and severe constipation its awful x

Yrhfgddesvv in reply to Kdw1

Do you get any abdominal pain at all?

I have had IBS for most of my life - I get the lower left pain when I'm constipated - It clears when I've been to the loo ...Drink lots of water - or if its really bad Californian Sweet prune juice -it really helps me and I also take Colpermin peppermint capsules daily ..Hope you get sorted.

Yrhfgddesvv in reply to Jaycey62

Even after I’ve been to the toilet it’s still there it seems to never go, and I don’t bloat it’s just persistent discomfort lower left even before eating so I’m starting to think it’s not ibs

I'm so sorry for you.IBS is a terrible thing.

After loads of drugs, which didn't work, and 14 colon exams I'd had enough.

Looking back I talked to my father, who was here at the time, he said when you get up in the morning,take a warm glass of warm water and drink it with a little lemon juice, eat little and often, keep away from alcohol and coffee.

I did what he said its changed my life.

Take care.


Yrhfgddesvv in reply to 265599

I stayed away from any fatty foods like take away and alcohol for at least a month only ate healthy snd it didn’t change so starting to think maybe it isn’t ibs

I have been diagnosed with diverticulitis.Keep off nuts,cola,sprouts,and,broccoli.

Theses can inflame your colon.

Once inflamed I suffer from constipation/dihorrea, its treat with metronidazole, takes 2 weeks to clear.

Usually completely clear after taking g the course.

Yrhfgddesvv in reply to 265599

Then can you go back to eating nuts, brocolli, sprouts etc and drinking cola and so on?

How was you diagnosed too please as I don’t think I do have ibs

265599 in reply to Yrhfgddesvv

It was diagnosed during a colonoscopy. It was identified that I had pockets in my colon that had been infected here in the UK.I was hospitalised and put on iv metronidazole, after a week I left hospital,and was given a further two weeks treatment of metronidazole, this drug it is worth mentioning is very potent.So whilst taking it under no circumstances should you drink any alcohol.

Your question as to nuts etc.

I do not eat nuts at all,and keep off broccoli as the ends of the broccoli I'm told stick in your colon, causing infection,same as nuts.I dont drink cola,as this is another aggravating factor.

I've also found that to an extent liquid aloe vera helps as it lubricates your colon generally.

Yrhfgddesvv in reply to 265599

Would you be able to explain to me what all the symptoms You were having as I don’t think this is ibs

Hi.My symptoms were:

Severe stomach cramps,intestinal pain,pains under ribcage,pains down both left and right of my stomach.

Alternating dihorrea/constipation, felling generally unwell,some dizzyness.

Initially I was diagnosed as having IBS, but after a rectal colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with diverticulitis.

It is worth mentioning that I was told to keep away from ibrufen.

Also at the same time as my rectal exam, I had a gastrophy, to examine my stomach, this showed a peptic ulcer.

A week later I swallowed a cctv camera, and wore a recording device for a day, all came back ok.


You really need to see a collerectal surgeon,or a collerectal doctor asap.

Thankyou I will speak to my doctor

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