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All over abdominal pain and burning

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So I have pain all over my abdomen. Burning, cramping, lots of rhythmic squirting sounds coming from the upper right quadrant. The pain seems to move so I assume as stuff moves through my intestines the pain follows.. It got so much worse after having my gallbladder removed. Now I wake up in pain and I tremble with pain.

This is such a nightmare. I have been put on a bile acid binder yesterday for my diarrhea. Doc says it's likely IBS and nothing can really be done about it.

I'm incredibly sad about it. I have never dealt with pain well. Now I am in pain most days.

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Hi, I am hoping the bile acid sequestrant will help with this. If it helps a bit, but not enough, perhaps suggest to you doctor to up the dose. What one are you on, is it powder or a tablet!

Its powder. I'm to have one drink twice a day.

This really is awful.

I'm also dealing with hypoglycemia in top of things.

I guess that is questran then. That's good, as you can play about with the dose more easily with that than you can taking a tablet. I do hope it helps you.

Me too. I really can't stand this. I wished they knew what caused this IBS.

So do I, how long have you had it?

Well I have always had constipation and bloating, especially when nervous. But the last two years my GI tract just went nuts. Like my intestines just stopped functioning. I would go almost two weeks without a BM. Then my gallblader quit working and had to be removed. Something called bilary dykenisia. 3 days after that my entire GI tract started hurting, burning, cramping. I wake up in the night sweating and shaking from the pain and having belching fits. I was put on omeprozole which only made things considerably worse. Then I was diagnosed with gastritis, gastroparesis, hiatal hernia.

After months of omeprozole I quit taking it and actually stopped the GERD. But my lower GI tract is still not right. It hurts all the time. I just started the bile acid binder last night snd I noticed I have been passing gas better and not having burping fits.

Yes, I think the bile sequestrant is doing it's job. I think you have/had bile running through you after your gallbladder was removed and this is now being absorbed by the sequestrant. I hope so anyway.

I had gas, wind and reflux. Spams and like gripping in my guts.

Turns out to be h pylori

I'm negative for H. Pylori.

Have you stopped eating ALL fats?

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