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Struggling to lose weight


Does any one struggle to lose weight? I have to take movicol daily to make me go, and I don’t produce a lot (sorry tmi). I run every other day, I eat a calorie deficit and still can’t lose weight!!

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Hi. I was a little like you. I have always struggled to lose weight, however I do also suffer with Hypoglycaemia, which for me is the reason I can't lose weight as I have to eat regularly. Even though I constantly ate a calorie deficit diet I either stayed the same weight or put weight on. However, last August (2019) I changed my diet to FODMAP and gluten-free and it has made a huge difference, including losing weight. Since then I have lost almost 2 stone!

Have you had a colonoscopy? Just asking because you could have a buildup causing the weight? I know everyone is different but I go 2-4 times a day and it’s quite a bit each time! I do have ibs-D but even before then it was usually twice a day. I have actually always struggled with weight gain until the ibs issues (and anxiety :/ ) started about 3 years I pretty much just stay in the 128-135 range no matter what I eat or do (I hardly ever, like ever, exercise...i know it’s bad :/...and sometimes I’m nauseous so i can only eat a few bites of a meal or like a kids size portion) I just think it’s interesting to compare our weight/medical issues and the diff amounts of fr you should get checked for a blockage?!!

Never had a colonoscopy but I’ve had scans and it didn’t show anything. I have Ibs- c, I’m trying to adjust my dues and strip it right back. I know I need to have some investigations but obviously can’t at the min. It honestly seems like my body absorbs everything 😂

If you have chronic constipation, it can definitely keep you from losing weight. Try drinking Natural Calm every day. Start with 1/2 the recommended dose if you need to, then work your way up. It's a magnesium supplement & will definitely help keep you regular! It just softens stools, does not stimulate bowels, so no cramping 👍

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