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Hen Party ... what alcohol can I drink to avoid triggering?


So it’s my hen party on Friday. There’s going to be drinking and I love to have a drink! So I’m not going to miss out.

I’m worried that it will cause a massive flare up and wanted to ask whether certain alcoholic drinks are better than others?? Or if there is something I can take in advance.

Thanks ❤️

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I would certainly suggest you drink some milk to line your stomach with, before going out. If you, really, must have an alcoholic drink, then drink something that is not fizzy or gassy, and drink it slowly, although, personally, I would rather enjoy my wedding than feel poorly, in order to get drunk.

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Ok thanks for the advice! The wedding isn’t until May so I will be fine. I’d rather have a great time and suffer the consequences the next day but if I can reduce the consequences then great.

I don’t usually drink at all so it is a one off.

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It is really hard to give advice which doesn't sound too judgemental, when you have to write it rather than speak. Congratulations for May, and hopefully, you won't suffer too much after the hen do. Good luck.

Hope you have a lovely night. Try Gin and Tonic but watch out for the mother of all hangovers especially if you do end up over indulging. Dehydration is not fun from either drinking too much or pooping/vomiting because of drinking too much. At least now you can have and informed choice and perhaps consider avoiding the consequences. You don't have to drink to have fun. I personally don't drink but that's my choice based on not wanting anymore issues than I already have.

Life is all about choices, we all make them and have to live with the consequences of our choices, good or bad. Water surely would be the best tipple of all and there is no hangover!


When I went to see a nutritionist and she got to the bit about alcohol, I was worried she'd say no to it all!

But she said gin, vodka and whisky were ok... all in moderation of course ;-) and watch what you mix it with as that can be worse, so I stick to tonic water.

She also said organic white wine in moderation is ok, but I personally find wine gives me acid reflux.

Have a fab hen weekend.

Oh that’s amazing. Thanks so much!

Congratulations! If I’m not in a good place IBS wise any alcohol is a big no no. Usually though, a bit of alcohol does no harm if I stick to vodka and gin (clear spirits). Wine and cocktails aren’t great but as long as i take it easy and I stop when I start to feel sick I’m ok. Drink plenty of water. Hope you have a lovely time! :-)

I rarely drink alcohol but when I do I've found sticking to spirits and avoiding wine to be best. Also, if you are drinking spirits consider which mixers are least likely to give you a flare. I love a good cocktail so I stick to ones with juices I know I'm ok with and avoid anything fizzy because that's a trigger for me. Enjoy your hen party!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I can no longer drink to the excesses I could before IBS as the after effects can last days or weeks. I'm still 'recovering' from over indulging on Christmas Day..bad stomach 2 days... constipation for 5 days then piles for a month 😥. However that's my reaction to excess alcohol, my advice, other than not to drink, is avoid all carbonated and sugary drinks apart from tonic or soda as a mixer. My drink of choice is now a pink gin with soda and occasionally white or rose wine with soda (half & half). When out on a work 'do' I have soda water in a gin glass with lemon and ice as some people can't understand my desire not to drink!

Unfortunately you have to work out what you can and can't tolerate and you'll not know until you try. Good luck and have a fab evening whatever you decide to do x

If I drink, which isn't often, I have vodka, cranberry and soda

I have vodka, soda and a squeeze of fresh lime works well for me. If you must have a cocktail I can usually cope on a couple of mojitas. Enjoy your weekend

Scotch (Famous Grouse) and coke. This was my usual tipple when I was young! After about three I usually started to feel much better 😀. And congratulations by the way!!!

on the lowfodmap diet, they say DRY white wine is safe, aswell as vodka - mix with something safe like tonic water or cranberry juice :)

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Oh amazing, thank you!

Aniseed flavoured drinks have long been used as after dinner liqueurs to aid digestion. My sister keeps a bottle of sambuca in the fridge as a CURE when she has flare up!! She is not a drinker.

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