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Does anyone else suffer from a feeling of weakness , in your legs and whole body . I suffer from ibs-c and take laxido and constella 209 . . But some days a feel really weak and legs shaky . I only take 2laxido a day . And I constella . Drink plenty and eat small portions . Fed up going to docs and bloods come back boarderline on everything . . ☹️

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It doesn’t happen often, but yes I have. It usually happens to me during a flare. I feel shaky and weak like I could collapse.

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Yes that’s how I feel I have collapsed a few times . But now I know how I feel I just rest .but it sometimes takes awhile to pass . Thanks for answering .

I had a gastrict bug in August(2019) and since then I have had an increase in all symptoms. I collapsed with the bug, also when given picolax . It does make me feel very anxious, especially if Im verging on the dreaded D.


Hi there,

Sorry to hear you're struggling. If you need help and support we are here theibsnetwork.org

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