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Anyone tried charcoal for IBS d


Happy New year everyone. I am new to the group and suffered over 30yrs with IBS mostly d, but last year had a very long painful period with c. Had tests for celiac, colonoscopy, gastroscope and cancer checks, all to no conclusion. I have been having severe bloating, my abdomen is hard like a football, I look 7 months pregnant and getting lots of teasing from those who just think I’ve over indulged in beer & food.

I am having constant pain and several urgent needs to get to the loo and either watery d or very loose wormlike stools. Buscopan, mebeverine do nothing for the pain. I’m taking paracetamol for pain, peppermint oil tablets(not convinced they do anything) and drinking lots of peppermint tea. Nothing is working and asking GP to check on bile acid malabsorption (BAM) see her 14/1. Has anyone tried charcoal tablets or have any suggestions? Ive started taking CBD oil a week ago but no effect yet, some people have had good results. It is SO tiring and really effects what I am able to do socially or even go on a long walk as I love. I always have to consider where I can get to a toilet ... I’m sure many can relate.

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Hi, I tried charcoal tablets many, many years ago, before my son was born and he is 26 now. Did absolutely nothing for me I'm afraid. I have never found anything to help.

Thank you

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