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Abdominal bloating and pain along with other symptoms, could this be IBS?

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I've had abdominal bloating for the past week, which fluctuates throughout the day. In particular the top of my stomach is really hard and hurts when I press down on it. It has left my stomach feeling really strange and has made me lose my appetite a bit. I'm also constipated, and am struggling to burp and fart. It feels like there is trapped gas in my stomach and is making my chest feel a bit uncomfortable as well. I also do experience heartburn sometimes at night. I feel like I have put on weight but I am not sure if its just the bloating. Does anyone have any idea what this could be or what I could do to relieve the gas, because the feeling in my upper abdomen is very uncomfortable

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. It sounds to me like you have trapped gas with the burping. The gas on the other end (sorry)..may mean you need to have a bowel movement. That's what happens to me, as soon as I get it, I know I am constipated..and if I do manage a bowel movement my intestines stop hurting, as does the pain in my lower back and gas. Have you had any tests? Like an endoscopy, colonoscopy, or cat scan/MRI or an upper abdominal lower barium follow through? Are you on any prescribed laxatives for constipation or fiber supplements. Also too much insoluble fiber can give someone a lot of gas. Maybe try to take an antacid to see if that helps with bloating and pressure. Mylanta is a very good antacid (they have it to me when I was seriously constipated in the ER) and some people swear by "Heathers Tummy Tamers" peppermint oil capsules. Sometimes the pain and pressure in our upper abdomen Could be a hiatal hernia. I would definitely see a gastroenterologist and have any necessary testing. I hope you feel better..

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Wow! I’m having the exact same symptoms as you are describing. I have had 3 ct scans and blood work done but no one can tell me what might be wrong. I’m scheduled for a endoscopy this coming Thursday but I The mean time I feel very bloated with some nausea. I did have diarrhea for a day and now I feel constipated.

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It's not fun..I know. Thanks for replying. I hate tests only to get disappointed. Have had so many. Just wish for a cure. I hope you are feeling better soon and keep us posted about your upcoming test. You are brave to do an endoscopy. I would be too afraid I would gag. Colonoscopies are hard enough for me..lol. Keep us posted..x

Hello, I’m wondering if a prebiotic like Alflorex might work if you wanted to give it a go. It’s not cheap but you buy a month’s supply at a time so if you tried it for a month you could then review whether it was working for you or not. It helps with bloating and for the first couple of days you may hear your stomach gurgling as I like to think of it kick-starting your digestive system. I’m sure it’s probably not for everyone but it’s really helped me. Also have you tried peppermint tea to soothe and maybe get things moving? Good luck!

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