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So down

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Just had another visit to Gp about acid reflux, have got that horrible lump in the throat and burning on and off most days, this despite being on nexium. So stressed about it, ibs flaring as well. Anyway doc thinks I need an endoscopy, had one abt 3 years ago, only a couple of small benign polyps found then. He thinks it could just be my body not managing the acid. Got to double the ppi dose to 40mg twice a day, not happy about that. Earlier this year I was on 20mg omeprazole a day and ok. Have had lots of stress so kinda hoping it’s down to that. Feel so down, ibs makes reflux worse, and medication for reflux makes ibs worse, at my wits end, and now have another “procedure” to look forward to, maybe before Xmas 😥 sorry to go on just so fed up☹️

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Don't worry It's the time of year Christmas sends most people into overdrive which = Stress = IBS Perfect Storm,,, I'm a martyr to it.. every year !

Hi, I don't have acid reflux but i do occasionally get the feeling of a lump in my throat which can last for weeks - even months - at a time. It took me awhile, but I finally realised that it was caused by stress/anxiety and would only go sometime after the stress related feelings had gone. It may be that this is the case for you since you mentioned feeling stressed. I find it can get better through trying to relax, meditation and of course when you can get the acid reflux under better control through better medications or an operation etc you may find that when you feel physically better the lump in throat will go too.

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