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Gabapentin & IBS


Does anyone take this and has it affected ur ibs? I have gone through the relief of a more settled period thanks to amitryptaline but iv recently been started on gabapentin for back pain and just this last week my belly has been really up and down with a return of diarrhoea. Not sure if its just an episode or if it may be the gabapentin. Any thoughts?xx

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I have just been put on gabap entin for sciatica. I have also had diahorrea so I have stopped taking it. But I am also thinking that the nerves in my back might be affecting my bowel. As usual I don't know what to think!

Montykat in reply to binky10

Thanks for replying. I feel really rubbish this morning had to sleep sitting up i felt like my belly was burning and i havnt been off the toilet. Im stopping taking it too im just hoping if i stop things will settle down again 😞

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