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Why is it so hard to get decent advice from a doctor!?


So I just came back from an appointment with a locum doctor where I wanted to discuss how my IBS is giving me anxiety. All he wanted to do was promote his own website for meditation and told me to rub myself in warm sesame oil every night before bed, which'll help my anxiety (and IBS too apparently!!). Sorry but I don't want to have my bed smell like a stir fry each night.

I'm tempted to wait until my real doctor comes back and book another appointment. If I had known it was a locum at the time I wouldn't have bothered. Don't get me wrong...I know that meditation can be beneficial for anxiety but I would've liked a chat about all the options/possible medications I could take -_- What a waste of time...

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Hi Kweh123,

This must be so disappointing and frustrating for you. Book your regular doc and get his/her thoughts.

The guy who helped me with IBS and anxiety is giving free introduction sessions of IBS program. I got a mailer from him recently. Take a look at patientsonly.org in the free section. I have no connection only I was fortunate to see him in person. Super nice guy!

If nothing else it might help while you wait for your regular doc.


The doctor you saw sounds nutty. I would not see him again.


Hi there,

I know that felt like a waste of time. Because he didn't tell you what you wanted to hear.(no judgement there, I did this many times over too). But I commend him for not just dishing out medication that will just cover up your anxiety and keep you stuck.

Instead he is saying that you need to be doing things that bring down the level of reactivity in your body and mind. Meditation is one way of doing that. It takes more effort than taking meds, but gets you involved in the solution.There are many apps Youtube videos that offer free guided meditations to get you started, if you don't want to use his website. Shop around and see if there is one style you prefer.

The sesame seed oil comes from Ayurveda practices, if you want to look that up and find out more. I don't see the link with IBS but I do know it is useful for reinforcing the immune system.

Why don't you try what he says for a few months and see where it takes you?

By opening up and getting curious I was able to recover from chronic IBS and the anxiety that went with it.

Hope this gets you thinking - and feeling better:)


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