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Post Colonoscopy worry

Hi, im 37 and have had colonoscopies and sigmoidoscopies before, each time finding polyps and removing them. I had a colonoscopy on Monday due to bleeding without bowels being open, plus a change in bowels, even during the same motion sometimes, and increase in urgency. They found a sessile polyp, 3mm so quite small and it was removed with cold forceps. My blood pressure dropped through the floor but once it came back up I could go. The moviprep didn't really agree with me and ideas bloated and grumbly for 48hrs or so. Last night couldnt sleep with pain in tummy and today - Friday - I go to the toilet and notice a large amount of blood on the top of my stool (last part to come out) and when I wiped it was nothing short of a period! Is this normal?? Dont remember having this before... I'm feeling a little unwell with glands up and nausea.

I do have endometriosis for which I've had an ablation and Bechets which can cause ulcerations of the bowel but nothing seen... any advice/info happily received! Thanks so much!!

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Call your doctor ASAP to ask about these symptoms. At a minimum. it will relieve your anxiety. Important to check this out.


They won't talk to me now unless I call 111. Have to wait till Monday for a Dr call or app.


You can go to an emergency room if it does not stop. If it gets worse, you should definitely go.

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