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I have tried all sorts of diets and treatments over 30 odd years, but have just started Afflorex tablets that I have seen others on here claiming they are good. I have only been taking them for a few days but I already have more energy, feel my body is getting back to normal which it hasn’t been for many many years. I can say that this morning I felt I needed the loo, but crucially it wasn’t, I desperately need the loo, no pain before either and almost normal poo. I had been going upto 7 or 8 times in an hour/day. I have IBD, diverticulitis and gallstones. For the last six months I have been so ill, so low, barely able to function. I ate a melted cheese and veg panini while out with a friend yesterday and thought I would pay today but no problem as yet. I will post on here every few days to let everyone know how it is going. I’m hoping it will all be positive.I really hope this is helping as this is the last thing, if not I will be unable to work, go out or eat out. The other day I nearly had an accident in the supermarket, I have had to go while shopping before, but this was I really can’t hold it in any longer and only just made it to the loo. I now have a disabled access key for toilets as most are understandably locked due to misuse, but I will have to if this doesn’t work.

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Past 4 days i have needed to rush the loo and not knowing if i have wind or need the loo!!! Ive pretty much had long spouts of diarrhea for 4 days. Had horrendous "trapped wind" lastnight and my gutts are so sore today. I may look into these tabs

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I am feeling really bloated tonight but have gone a bit mad eating too much fruit and veg today. I will update over the next few weeks. It is my last ditch attempt to get relief before I give up completely, go to GP and ask for a month off Work at a time until after 6 months I don’t get sick pay, then see what if any benefits I can get as I cannot function normally anymore, my guts are sooo sore from 30 years and some of this horrendous disease, GP and consultant think it’s all in my head, do mindfulness, take anti anxiety drugs, take antidepressants. No I want to be told exactly what’s wrong and to cure me and everyone else who suffers.Im fed up of eating a small amount and still being ill. I’ve tried different diets, including milk and gluten free, I’ve gone formap and exclusion. All to no help. I’m sorry you have this too, sadly there are more of us each day. Take care I hope you are feeling better soon. Sorry for the vent.

CSmidge in reply to Ibs17

Im giving up with my GP too. Its just IBS. No i want to know whats going on and just checking my poo sample clearly isnt enough! I barely eat anything cos ive cut all kinds out. Its depressing

Ibs17 in reply to CSmidge

I know but try and keep going back, as they might do more, it is such a horrid thing and they don’t seem to truly understand how it affects life and how debilitating it can be. Maybe we should get them to eat the hottest curry every day for a week ,then when they get the pain and rushing to the loo they will understand.

Do you have IBS or IBD? You mentioned both. There are medications for each of these conditions. Ask your Dr.

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Thank you for your reply, I have IBD, but was diagnosed many years ago when it was just called IBS. My GP and 2 consultants I have seen over the twenty odd years have never offered me anything, only suggested buying over the counter meds. I can’t take Buscopan, or loperamide anti diahorea now as have glaucoma and they affect that badly, and they don’t work anymore. I can’t take the antidepressants or anti anxiety meds as I just sleep. I also can’t take the diamorphine the GP suggested when I said I need something for the pain and stop diahorea as again they just make me sleep so I would be housebound. I have tried colperamin and peppermint capsules and senokot IBS relief too but no help what so ever. I have tried aromatherapy oils, massage, aloe Vera juice, charcoal capsules, high fibre, low fibre, gluten free, dairy free, no soya, I was vegetarian when I was diagnosed too and cook most of our meals from scratch with local organic meat and veg from farmers market. Taking this is my last attempt, before being in complete agony and housebound.

I couldn't take it nor my friend - we've already posted loads on this probiotic - it made me very depressed for some reason and as I am very iffy about what goes into my body - the ingredients it contains and additives are horrendous - you need to look up every single item on the internet - a lot of them are put into detergents! But as always like I always say one size does not fit all - may be ok for you but I like my supplements clean and free from any nasties or baddies

Ibs17 in reply to janetmtt

Thanks it is good to get both sides to a story, I’ve tried natural, anti anxiety, and nearly antidepressants, I just am trying anything now before I give up completely and just put up with not going out, eating soup and meal replacement drinks for the rest of my life and putting up with painful stomach the whole time. I am in no way condoning this product, just saying how I’m feeling, and as you say it won’t suit everyone as we all have intolerance to something different.

janetmtt in reply to Ibs17 this is a good site for you to look at supplements etc as is Supplement Police or Self-Hacked (Joe Cohen) thought I'd share these websites as they tend to give you honest opinions. Yes I totally agree what works for one doesn't often work for someone else - someone told me prebiotics to sort out bloat/stomach issues etc. rather than probiotics which I have found over the years have done nothing but give me other issues. Well I tried prebiotic on their own and felt dreadful after they were getting into my system - Bimuno was one and the other a chicory based one - after a few days on the latter I quit because of the gas wind and stomach cramps and constantly wanting the loo - Bimuno the more I took the worse I felt - in addition to the gas wind etc. felt constantly tired, no motivation, bad headaches and just not well - yet others do ok on it. I'm taking nothing at the moment. Saccromyces Boulardi is good for diarrohea - was in a probiotic I took (Bioglan) and gave me more constipation which is what I have. You could try that - have you looked at collagen - everyone is telling me it is a good stomach healer as is Silicol Gel. Not had any of the latter but if I did buy I'd go for collagen supplement/powder. I've heard the last few days that triphala is very good also. Have you looked at Ayurvedic remedies - look at this guy's website - he has a ton of info on digestive issues and Ayurvedic medicine is very good - I use a lot of homeopathic remedies so again have a look at homeopathic sites - or just pop in search engine your issues i.e. "best homeopathic remedies for diarrohea" that's what I do but then I have used remedies for a long time but they are my "go to" before any Drs. medicines. Hope I've managed to give you a few more options to look at before giving up and going back to your Dr - if there is one site you need to look at it is Dr.Douillard - honestly you'll open it up and be there for a week reading all his info - you can email him for help also. Good luck and keep us posted

Has anyone ever heard of or tried HUEL? I think its g-f and FODMAP and a meal replacement for IBS sufferers - its supposed to be a miracle worker but I don't know if its any good - good luck with the Afflorex - never heard of them but where did you get them and are they expensive?

I got them on the Internet through a large shopping site. I haven’t heard of HUEL either. I am not recommending taking them but hopefully people will reply with good or bad points and we can make our minds up. They were expensive, but I have a bit of money and am so desperate. I can’t take over the counter IBD meds now so am looking for alternatives.

I do hope they help you xx I found that grapefruit juice really helped me with right hand side lower abdominal pain as suggested by someone else on here - it tastes vile but then they do say that medicine is not supposed to taste good but it works for me I guess we are all different though! thanks for your reply.

Yes thanks, I couldn’t drink grapefruit juice I am in agony after about half an hour, I have bad acid reflux sometimes too. If I have fruit juice I know the next day I would spend half the morning on the loo in agony. We are all different aren’t we. I have tried cider vinegar and bicarbonate too for reflux. This is why I am pinning my hopes on this.

I have fruit juice every morning oddly enough with no ill effects but cannot have apple juice in any are so right, we are all different, that means that resolutions are never one size fits all, sadly.....I wish we could just find a MAGIC PILL?!

You may have both IBD and IBS. There are definitely drugs for IBD and most people with IBD need medication. Are you going to a good Gastroenterologist? Not just a

Primary Dr, a GI specialist. Steroids aren’t good for Glaucoma, but there are other drugs for IBD. I don’t know if you are in the UK or US. In the US, I would make an appointment at one of the large medical Centers. I don’t know how it works in the UK, but you need a specialist to help you with. Your symptoms. Let us know what happened when you get a referral to a specialist. So sorry you are suffereing.

Basically in the Uk as it is free they don’t want to know, if you have IBS or IBD it’s considered it’s in your head and you need to sort out anxiety etc and then everything will be fine and you won’t have problems. They don’t understand the anxiety, depression and feelings of hopelessness come from the horrid condition and not being normal.And it being relentless day after day. Thank you for your ideas and support.

I completely agree with you, I’ve had IBS since I was 18 (I’m now 58). I was told basically to ‘deal with it’. One doctor actually told me not to worry about it and just make sure when I go out I know where the nearest toilet is!! My anxiety makes it 10x worse! I’m currently taking Imodium for IBS on an almost daily basis unless I don’t need to go anywhere x

Ibs17 in reply to Heatherambz

Hugs it’s awful, I can no longer take Imodium, Buscopan or any anti diahorea meds, so have to just suffer. Even tried taking paracetamol the day before work/ going out and on the day but that doesn’t stop it either.

I had chronic diarrhea for years..couldn't hardly leave my house, and was miserable. Although, I never lost an ounce of weight..that was a bummer. Anyway, my doctor put me on a medication called "Welchol." Stopped my diarrhea in it's tracks. It is very expensive here in the States, though, so he has now put me on another drug called "Colestipol." Works wonders, too! If you research these drugs you'll see that they are also used for lowering cholesterol and type II diabetes, but they don't work real well to lower the cholesterol and usually the doctors put people on these, then add a statin. Anyway, these work for me, and I will take them for the rest of my life.

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