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IBS? Does this sound familiar anyone?

Hi everyone,

Basically on Wednesday I woke to a sharp stabbing pain in the centre of my pelvis and diarrhoea followed. I ate 2 pieces of toast at 9 and by half 9 I was crippled in pain and needed the loo. I noticed a slight streak of fresh blood.

Around 3 I went after a full day of toilet trips. When I went I noticed my stool was black and looked like jelly. This went on for hours.

Doctor advised A&E to which they came to the conclusion it was a GI bleed. All bloods was clear and urine etc.

Sent me home and informed me that I will get a camera in a few weeks.

Had to return to hospital today as I’m super dizzy and I virtually haven’t ate. My pelvis is still sore. The jelly stool has stopped but I’m feeling so unwell and tired.

They took me in, done bloods etc and told me I have a urine infection. Never mentioned the camera, as if everything that happened never happened and I’m not happy. I feel so unwell and they handed me antibiotics and told me I could go home.

Made me feel so stupid. I know my body and I’m not well. They suggested it may be irritable bowel disease and such.

The dizziness is making me feel so sick. I don’t feel any pain while urinating nor do I feel the urge to go.

This was not here days ago when this problem started and I could cry I’m so stressed.

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You should see a gastro entorologist as soon as possible.

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Suggest you go straight back to your GP - in my opinion he needs to do elimination tests bladder, bowel and ears(for the dizziness) you may well have an infection but where? Definitely go back just to get the blood in stool resolved. Good Luck

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