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Feeling scared

So today I went back to work and I had a really sore stomach, like a tightness and bloated feeling. Towards the end of the day I got that feeling that you get when you need to go NOW. I got anxious and panicky because I didn’t think id get to the toilet on time. My cheeks went red and I got scared. Is this a sign of ibs? My mind is going mad. I think I’m going to have to ask for a stomach scan to put my mind at rest 😢

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By what you said, it doesn't really sound like ibs...because you would be 'going' often and unexpectedly quite often (usually)... depending upon how long you have had this problem, it could be something as 'simple' as a virus or infection, etc... Have you visited with your Dr about this?

If not...please do...It is amazing what anxiety can do...and this could be the root of your problem, too. At any rate, I wish you luck! If you keep having problems with panicking that you suddenly have 'to go' you might consider wearing (temporarily) an incontinence pad or Depend, etc....that might help your peace of mind. Best wishes, Kate.


Hi Kate,

This sounds very similar to what I experienced with IBS. It would be good to go and have a chat with your GP and ask for a colonoscopy if you feel you need one.

You may want to get checked for Candida and Sibo too. Read here for more details: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...

Hope this helps,



Hi Kate, It sounds like one of two things possibly to me. IBS or a food intolerance. Particularly with the red face you get as well. Get yourself fully checked out Kate at the docs, book a double appointment if you have to. It took me ages to get diagnosed with IBS and gluten sensitivity and I had to push for testing. Stay strong and best wishes. Ruthy1960. 😊


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