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Recent flare up

Hi so I have suffered with ibs for around five years now. It started all of a sudden then gradually got less frequent. My ibs side affects are normally pain bloating and loose stools. Over the last two months I’ve been suffering with it badly again then the past few weeks I’ve not been going frequently. On Monday I went to the doctors because I hadn’t been to the toilet since Friday. They prescribed me laxido mebeverine and suppositories none of which have worked. I have a constant feeling that I need to go to the toilet but when I try to go I either can’t or it’s just a bit of water which the doctor said wasn’t overflow. My stomach is now constantly grumbling under my ribs and I have a pins and needles feeling under my ribs

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Hi. I was diagnosed with IBS almost 30 years ago. I suffer from chronic constipation and don't have loose bowel movements. Mebeverine works well for me re cramps but Laxido and suppositories alone don't relieve the constipation. I was prescribed senna tablets and find that one sachet of Laxido a day and two senna tablets at night, with suppositories once or twice a week, works fairly well. With constipation people are tempted to eat more fibre. Strangely, with IBS, more fibre might make the situation worse. I don't know what your diet is like. I also take Omeprazole for gastric reflux which I supplement with Culturelle Probiotics. They have to be shipped from the USA as UK sellers seem to have stopped selling them. You can get them on Amazon and also may be able to buy them on ebay. Since having gastric reflux I occasionally have bloating right up to the top of my abdomen, trapped wind and stomach pain. I have to make myself retch to bring up all the wind. Lying on my back and drawing my knees up to my chest also helps and sometimes I don't need to make myself retch. certain foods and drinks trigger this, mainly fizzy drinks, alcohol and fats. Eating a bland diet for a while and cutting out those triggers helps.



My 17 year old son has suffered from IBS for four years and has had constant nausea for the last 11mths.He was originally on mebeverine but after a while they stopped working and colpermin worked better. He has just started on Laxido as he is generally constipated. So far one sachet a night seems to do the trick but we have only been trying this for a fortnight .

Have you tried alflorex capsules. They are good and are sold in Chemists.


Hi thanks for replying but my gp practise told me to have 4 laxido drinks a day but nothing seems to be working


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