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IBS D - things I am going to try!

So after having a mini break down today because of my IBS D - which I know isn't as bad as others from what I've read! But it certainly can be very bad and effects my life all too often.

So it's about getting better on a longer term basis! But I just advise if you have to go somewhere and your stomach is very bad Imodium plus comfort is probably the best Imodium, I have had regular imodium and it doesn't work as well. The Imodium plus comfort stops me needing to go and it stops the pain! So while it's not a cure it can be very helpful!

- I take fybogel but I am living in China and I'm about to run out so I have bought natural psyllium husk powder, and I am going to see if this helps as much or more than fybogel - though I have read that Recugel is better? But it's not available here and is out of stock on Holland and Barret so it may be one try to for those that can get it!

I am going to do a simple diet of basic rice and potato and crackers and bananas and eggs for maybe at least 2 weeks? Then I will slpwly reintroduce foods try clean eating, eating low far and low sugar foods and see if it helps!

I will continue to drink kombucha tea!

Plus yoga and acupuncture!

Fingers crossed!

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Hi there MinaFox

Sounds like you have a plan and a very good one. I am totally with you re IBS as before I was diagnosed with it over 20 years ago I could eat anything but I certainly can't now. I have just been referred to a Dietician here in the UK and have my first appointment on 16 January - this is for the low FODMAP diet.

Here's to everything working for you but I know that yoga is one of the best exercises for IBS - this is what I have heard and read but I haven't done yoga yet myself.

All the very best


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Yes I must do the yoga on a regular basis! And good luck with the fodmap diet - let me know of it works for you! I have read many positive things about it! Thank you and good luck!

I am actually also thinking of trying fasting andintermittent fasting as I have read that giving the stomach a break from digestion is really helpful as well! So let's see :)


I've only ever heard good things about yoga. Thank you and I'm looking forward to the diet so that I can start to feel better and I will report on here on how I am getting on.

I have the Dr Mosley Clever Guts Diet Book and intermittent fasting is mentioned in there. I haven't finished the book yet but it's certainly worth getting and it doesn't cost much either - my hubby bought it for me for Christmas. I also have a friend that follows intermittent fasting and she has said she feels really good.

Alicia :)

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