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IBS-D, What has worked for me



I thought I would write a quick post on what has been working for me, after having all the ups-and-downs, not being able to leave the house, feeling anxious, and accidents, I have a formula that is working and thought I would share.


This is a low level anti anxiety pill, which has been really great, it has stopped all my worry around IBS and accidents and life worry in general. There is an over the counter drug you can try called phenagran, that worked for me also, but is drowsy and I got sleep on it, hence going to the doctors to try propranolol.


It took a while, but once I had sorted what I could eat from what I could not, and giving it chance to work, I believe this has really helped me loads. I also baked low FODMAP cakes, as I have a sweet tooth.


I have changed my diet to include more meat, mainly a organic chicken on a Sunday for roast, also avoiding fatty foods. Pork was a nightmare. Eating more eggs has also helped no end for me as well, perhaps they bind you up!

I eat breakfast a little later

I usually got up, tea and breakfast, but I found out by chance by eating breakfast at work, I gave my body an extra hour to deal with things, and not eat straight away. I also eat smaller meals more often - that helps as well.

I just wanted to share this if it can help anyone that is great :) It has been a year to get the above right and more days now I have a 'normal' bowel movement. I no longer have diarrhea in the morning or have to stop somewhere on the way to work and clean up!

I am also now taking zinc and copper to improve my immune system I read that can help with IBS as well. Once I can get my immune and my body a bit stronger I am hoping to introduce more foods, taking the propanolol helps not worry about the out come with this as well.

Wishing you all good luck in your quests.


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Well done you, glad you are sorting things out and feel on top of it😊


So pleased that you have found what works for you

IBS is such an 'individual' illness that people can take ideas from others to see what works for them - let's hope that others can take inspiration from you

Myrtle81 in reply to Hidden

So am I, thanks. Yep it takes a while to get to know your system.

I hope any of the above information useful even just to one person to find relief.


I follow pretty much all of the above and take some and to anxiety meds too. It doesn't hurt but helps loads! Thanks for sharing


Myrtle81 in reply to Franjanu

Are you finding what you do from above works well for you as well?

Just looked at your blog, really love the information on there :)

Hi thanks for that, p'raps the Pork has the same effect on me as I found to my cost this morning!

I drink Camomile Tea when I've got my cramps which relieves me. The Peppermint Tea helps along relieving Indigestion. I've also managed to also identify which foods I can't eat using the fodmap pamphlet.

I've had IBS & Lactose Intolerance for about 9 months although having the problems since October 2014 before the Diagnosis.


Myrtle81 in reply to Hobbies

I am lactose intolerant too, I got that after gastric flu, it is a pain, but I am learning. Do you bake? I bake lots of treats, as I have a sweet tooth. I also have milk with lactase added as I love my tea, I drink roobios tea, which is great and gentle too.

the pork, I believe it is the fat, I read fatty meats are a no go for ibs d, I stick to fish, and organic chicken, which works really well.

Good luck. Xx

Thanks, I don't bake so unfortunately I just have to read all the labels on foods.

I've been commenced on Spasmonal Forte Caps, 120mgs 3 X a day, (Alverine Citrate). These are instead of Buscopan & I find they are much better than Buscopan & work quicker. It was my Consultant who prescribed them for me.

So everyone with stomach cramps/spasms try these via your G.P


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