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Peppermint capsules

Over a year ago I was taking peppermint capsules prescribed by my doctor and at the time I was experiencing a crippling pain below my ribs/top of my tummy. I was getting this pain everyday and it would come in waves. And my gp said it was reflux and gave me omezazole which I didn't take.

I stopped taking the peppermint as I found buscopan worked better. During this time the pain went away

About a month ago I started the peppermint up again as I thought it may help as I was feeling particularly rubbish and the crippling pain started again after a few days last week I stopped taking the peppermint as I was sure it was causing issues. I took some this morning and by lunchtime the crippling pain had returned along with loose bowel movements and feeling very sick. I haven't eaten much this morning which is normal for me and nothing that disagrees with me.

Has anyone had a bad reaction to the peppermint? Or know what this pain could be? At the time it started I was relaxing and having a snuggle with my son so it's not stress related

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Peppermint can be cooling and heating all in the same breath...yes I have had that experience in my lifetime...Being an herbalist I have experienced so many interesting interactions with plants its all based on intuitive understanding of the mind body connection.

Its all the buzz these days but goes with out saying for those of us who have to pay close attention to our body systems...Peppermint can go the other way and cause the urps and as I call it fire water in my gut.

If you don't have issues with blood pressure ...licorice tea might be the ticket in these bouts.

When you do the combo of Licorice and peppermint tea it creates a harmony that will soothe and calm...Traditional Medicinals has a good one...hope this helps

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Have you had your gallbladder checked?

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No I have not...will check into that.. thank you


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