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Loose stools for months

Hi All,

Just joined and need to ask, I have been having loose stools for many months probably at least 9 I have been to my GP did some tests etc and also on my stool sample,

Everything is all ok, great news, but it hasn’t stopped I’m not loosing weight but don’t know what to do next?!

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Hi all this happened to me. I finally managed to sort it out myself by stopping normal cows milk, I now have lactose free and white bread instead of seeded! Simple but it worked for me!!


I get this and mine is due to non alcoholic liver disease and gall stones. So have they tested your blood and done a lipid profile which tests fats in your bloods like cholesterol, triglycerides, and liver function?


Are you taking any prescribed medication or bought supplements? Sometimes these can give problems. Look at included instructions or sides of containers.


How many times do you visit the loo a day?


Me too but mine started 6 months ago


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