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Hi Again

So as I previously posted I tested positive for H pylori but the gastro accidentally prescribed xifaxan which I took for a week. I was called in to the office to be told I should have been on a triple therapy. I picked up the triple therapy from the pharmacy and it includes 3 different meds for am and pm. My concern is the amoxicillin. There's 2 500 mg (totaling 1000) for am and the same for pm which means I'll be taking 2000 mg of amoxicillin per day. Has anyone else witnessed this with their triple therapy?

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Hi there yes it can be .i was put on 2 antibiotics totalling 750 twice a day ( I could not have amoxicillin ) plus a PPI to reduce acid for 7 days .our doc does not do retest to see if HPoli gone.i took after treatment some Holland and Barrett probio 7 to put some good bacteria in my gut.its a bit harsh the treatment but must be completed .hope all goes well.

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Thank You. Yes I'm on it for 14 days. Seems like eternity.

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