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Breathing issues - digestive related

Anyone else having a sensation of feeling short of breath, or like you can't catch your breath with IBS/GERD/Acid Reflux ?

Just happens for second the it clears ... until the next time it happens maybe an hour , or days later. No definite time interval thats predictable

Cant make sense of it all and its really frustrating

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Hi Davey

It's never happened to me, have you thought about going to the doctor or looked on line to see if you can find anything?

Here's to it disappearing soon.




Thanks for the response, and Yes I have been to see the GP , Cardiologist, and most recently the GI for an upper and lower bowel study.

Nothing Heart related: X-ray, CT, & stress test all good news there.

Occasional PSVT's that Ive had for years

So a few things GI related though , Hiatal Herna combined with a Schatzki ring in the esophogus. I have an EGD to dilate my lower esophagus scheduled on the 17th this month

As for looking on line, there are several references in forums like this one describing it being GERD / HH related however, those are all over 10 years old with no recent updates, and anything else that I have found refers it back to a cardio-pulmonary diagnoses that has been already ruled out

Thanks Again




I'm glad you have been to see the GP etc - it's sounds like you've had quite a thorough examination.

I've never heard of a Schatzki ring in the oesophagus. I'm glad you have a procedure scheduled for this month, I really hope that helps a lot.

What a shame that the research online is so old.

I hope that someone else see's your post whom has had the same so has an answer for you.

Here's to it all going well on 17th.


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Hey thanks a lot certainly appreciated !!!


You are most welcome and we are on this forum to help each other. Believe you me it's helped me a lot.

Take care



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