Recommended Books

Recommended Books

Hi there just wanted to share the books I am reading at the moment which are all fantastic. The Magnesium Miracle is a particular eye opener and very interesting it also mentions IBS. Wish I had read these long ago. It also highlights how limited doctors are in their knowledge of IBS and the lack on an holistic approach to healthcare and lifestyle.

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  • I Nicki, thank you for sharing this and it sounds very interesting reading. Totally agree that the health service do not know enough about IBS, or that's what they label us with.


  • Great will have a look. I also recommend these books Restoring Your Digestive Health by Jordan Rubin and Joseph Nasco. Also Wheat Belly by William Davis and The Grain Brain by Dr David Perlmutter. Gut issues are closely linked to our emotional well being so concentrating on this can be a huge help. Link to German New Medicine website

  • Thanks will look at those too x

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