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So I had a hysteroscopy today as I get irregular bleeding, heavy periods, pain and pain during and after sex. Along with diarrhoea. This only started after giving birth. They first went down the IBS route but not so sure anymore.

The procedure went well and they found some abnormal cells which they burned off. I was asleep during this.

I understand I will be abit sore for a few days but having a bowel movement is incredibly painful.... is this normal?


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I had a hysteroscopy a few months ago (without general anesthetic! :O) It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced but I was fine a couple of hours later. Saying that I didn't have any abnormal cells so my procedure wasn't exactly the same as yours. I would recommend checking with the hospital/your GP if you are still having a lot of pain to be on the safe side. Hope things improve soon.


Thanks for your reply. I'm quite glad I was asleep for it. I'm not good with pain at all.

The pain eased up over the day but it still hurts when I go to the loo which I never had before. I tried ringing my GP and the receptionist wouldn't give me an appointment and said use paracetamol and a hot water bottle. (The receptionist is clearly a qualified doctor!!)

Will ring the hospital tomorrow if still bad :/



Hope you are feeling better now. x


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