Hi they say I have IBS I get pains all over is normal

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  • Hi I'm the very same. I'm feeling so unwell all over. And iv had all tests. All ok. I'm freaked out over it. I can't believe this can make ya feel like this. 😔

  • Yes its not very nice I have add this for about 9 years my GP juts says go home and see how you are in 2or 3weeks and come back and what we can do what is this Fodmap diet

  • I don't really no. I'm just sick of feeling unwell. It's taking over my life. Doc said I have acid also. So on tablets for that. But my stomach is not right and I just do not no what to do anymore.

  • Hi there, I know the feeling. I managed to get rid of my chronic IBS that I had for some 25 years. You may find some info on my blog can help.



  • Hi Alison. Thank you for replying to me. Yes I have constant pains everywhere. Hits lots of tests they say it's ibs. Still very concerned to how this can make u so unwell. I'm scared stiff of it now 😔

  • Being scared, though understandable, will make things worse. You need to go in the opposite direction, and tune into what your body is trying to tell you.

    I have walked this path and beaten my IBS. You may particularly relate to this article: sickofibs.com/well-being/ne...

    Hope this helps you to start moving forward.


  • So what did you do

  • Great question Timfin.

    I had to learn how to bring down my level of tension and start to relax my body. I learned about diet and lifestyle and made positive changes in my daily routine.

    I learned how to recognise I also had Candida, and how to treat it. Then I had to learn how to decipher what my IBS was telling me about blockages I had in my mind (thought patterns), body, emotions and energy.

    I went to seek the help of different therapists including a Reiki practitioner and a hypnotherapist. I looked into the use of pressure points in the body.

    I also learned neuro-linguistic programming to reprogramme triggers and reactions that were keeping me stuck.

    Today I have no recurring IBS symptoms. I understand every aspect of my IBS, where it comes from and why.

    I have set up a blog to help others move forward: SickofIBS.com that might inspire you.


  • Thank you Alison I appreciate this I really do. I will do everything to manage this. Just find it hard to understandhow doc it's making me also during the night hours. Tks again 👍🏻

  • Hi I had bad stomach acidity and nausea. It has gone away now. I found that both artificial sweeteners and sugar were a big factor. I cut them out and feel a lot better. I also avoid pre prepared and processed foods.

  • Thank you for replying will try this. Just so worn out. Hate feeling this way. Seems there no end to it 😔

  • Can anyone tell me if this can make you feel so unwell like this. I'm so worried. Thank you.

  • It does I'm afraid but you can make adjustments to make it less of a problem and more manageable. Have you looked into food triggers and low FODMAP diet? X

  • No. I don't understand this at all and I'm so sick of feeling unwell. It even wakes me out of my sleep. Thank you

  • Yes I'm sick of I don't get a good sleep I have been having 2bananas a day for 4 weeks this is what the chiese do I have been doing it for a week and will if get better

  • Really. So bananas are good. I haven't a clue what to eat. It's made me so frightened because of the horrible feelings in my body. I'm so glad I joined here. Thank you for all the replies

  • Yes give bananas a go and see if they make you feel any better I hope it works for you this is my first time on here its very good to see what people have to say about IBS

  • Mine too. I can't believe how it makes you feel. And I am quite scared. So it's great to get advice from other sufferers. Thank you 😊

  • Unfortunately IBS can do all sorts of things to you. My personal experiences are: nausea, diarrhoea (luckily not very often), a lot of wind, bloating, pain (which I can get in my back, tummy, ribs, shoulder blades although mainly my tummy).

    I have eliminated some foods and this I feel is the only way to go to sort out the problem. I have cut out raw carrots, raw and cooked onions and sweetcorn as these foods all give me an awful lots of pain. I have to also be careful on how much fruit I have as I get a lot of pain if I eat it too much, problem is I don't know how much to eat. I cannot tolerate caffeine as this give me nausea (I've only just worked this one out), full cream milk also gives me nausea and I've only just worked this one out as well. I can eat small amounts of broccoli. I've also gone lactose free as quite a few people cannot tolerate that although I'm not sure if I'm one of them.

    I am still having problems and once I get back from holiday I will be putting myself on the low FODMAP diet. Have a look at the link below which I hope you will find useful. It was created at Monash University in Australia but you can find out about the diet via the NHS as well.

    ibsdiets.org/fodmap-diet/fo... - and the NHS one:


    I hope you start to feel better soon but I would definitely go down the elimination route.

    Very best of luck


  • Yep the joys of IBS it's really horrible and at the moment I'm having a bad time with it had no sleep for hardly for a week 😡

  • Thank you for comments. Yes I have pains and nausea and sweats and sometimes weakness. I just don't no what to do. But I'm writing a food dairy to see what is making me feel worst. It's hard living like this. Good luck to u all on this awful journey

  • Still getting nowhere. So fed up now no energy nausea can't sleep with my stomach its scary 😞

  • Hi tomfin

    I ended up on a&e doubled up i. Pain about 7 months ago but it had been coming for years as i had trouble with stomach since i was baby.

    I had test after test after test NOTHING! Then was told it was ibs....

    So i didnt know what to do i was in pain constantly either constipated or the other...

    Id wake up in sweats where the pain was so bad.

    Then i decided to take myself to a alergist! Changed my life

    Found out i was cowsmilk and gluten intolerant ( not to ceoliac heights but pretty close) so all these years of constantly eating it had eventually just poisoned my body, the finishing touch was a good dose of abtibiotics which killed of any good bacteria i had in my body to fight the intolerances which gave me candida ( leaky gut).

    So the alergist advice ( or strong telling me off) was no dairy, no gluten and no sugar for 3 months....

    Oh man this was hard but i was in so much pain it had to b done.... along with his dida tablets, gut enzymes, probiotics. I stuck to that diet...

    I noticed the difference in 2 weeks, the pain just started to go... by 1 month i had no pain, had normal poops, lost half a stone.

    Went back 3 months later and the candida had totally gone so i could start on sugar again but chose not to go back to as much as did. It still showed gluten and cow milk so it means i am defo intolerant so i have never gone back to that and u kmow what? I dont care i dont miss it at all and i dont miss the stomach pains.

    So mayb u have some triggers, mayb go on a dairy free gluten free diet for a month see how u feel it could b that it not ibs it alergies?

  • Yes thanks I will give it a go

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