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Hi guys , Ive just returned from Rhodes , i had a couple of bad bowel days. I have been keeping a diary of what i eat and pinpointed on food that gives me the most flare ups....... EGGS and i bloody love them x

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Hi there, I also am keeping an eye on what I eat and have so far cut out raw carrots (I love carrots), raw and cooked onions, sweetcorn, lactose and caffeine. I also think that eggs may be a problem with me but I have to test first to see if they do. I go to a local café sometimes and my favourite food is scrambled eggs on sourdough bread with smoked salmon. The reason why I think it's the eggs is because the last time I went there I took my own lactose free milk so that they could use it to make the scrambled eggs.

Later on in the day I had nausea and I am pretty sure it's the eggs but I need to give it another try. I don't think it's the salmon as I've had smoked salmon in sandwiches before and had no ill effects. This condition sucks is all I can say!!

shite isnt it? Say no more!! lol x

It certainly is lol x

Eggs is a massive no no for me to and cream so figured out im prob dairy intolerant and since i gone dairy free

I seem to b much better. I was told by my dr if eggs upset u ur generally dairy intolerant!

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Boiled eggs and scrambled are fine its fried and omelletts, so staying away from them now x

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Eggs is a weird one, one day i used to b able to eat one( any way) then a week later id eat one and it would make me soooo ill. So i just gave up. Plus if i dairy intolerant prob not good to eat them. I do miss them though

I love eggs and am okay with egg sandwiches but I am convinced that scrambled eggs don't like me. I will eat some smoked salmon and see if it affects me, if it doesn't then I know that it's scrambled eggs. So weird though that I can eat egg sandwiches!!

Or could it b the bread??? I found out i was gluten intolerant coz i got really ill everytime i ate bread! Pizza base anything bready or doughy kills me

No, I'm pretty sure it isn't as I've eaten sourdough and seeded bread since and have had no problems with that at all. I will be on the FODMAP diet when I come back from holiday and that should hopefully sort out what it might be as I will be cutting food groups out and reintroducing them. I know that eggs are allowed on the diet but before I cut out scrambled eggs I will try the salmon to rule that one out.

Also, I seem to have a problem with full cream milk. I have been buying lactose free and bought full cream and each time I've had coffee with the milk I've ended up with either indigestion or nausea so I'm now back to semi skimmed.

I will also get some starter grains for Kefir to start making my own as it's expensive in the shops.

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Yes, I should have said

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I don't know, I will ask when I next go to the café and try them again. I will mention about how they cook them, they take about 15 minutes to get the lunch to me so I am guessing they are done in a pan. I always cook them in a pan at home.

Thank you for this as I wouldn't have thought of that.

These food intolerances can be so confusing.. if you're not reacting to all eggs, it could be how the eggs are cooked, it could be the fat they're cooked in, it could even be what the hens were fed. It could even be how much egg you're eating at once, or what else you're eating at the same meal. If your IBS is caused by an imbalance in your gut bacteria - which John Hunter suggests as one possible cause in his book Irritable Bowel Solutions - he found evidence that IBS patients' gut flora was varying from day to day much more than is normal - then maybe how much you react to a food could vary from day to day also, depending what gut flora are in residence that day?

So sorry to take so long to reply, I have been on holiday for 2 weeks and have just got back late this afternoon - I never say when I'm on holiday as it's too much of a risk as you don't know who's watching you on the internet. Anyway, so agree with what you have said above, you never know with IBS as one day you could be fine and the next you are not. Now I am back from holiday I will no doubt have lunch at the café soon and will try it again and see what happens.

Worrying as well what you have said about as you do wonder if you will ever be rid of these awful condition although some on here are now fine.

Yes! I find the difficulty of understanding what's going on in my body one of the hardest things about IBS.. I've been experimenting over a year now trying to work out what foods or what other factors trigger me and what things help, and I'm still hopelessly confused, but I do think I've made a little progress.. and the good thing about all the fluctuation is that being fine on a good day proves we're capable of being fine! So we just need to figure out the right road to health for us as individuals.

It certainly is difficult understanding your body and why we react in such a way to different foods i.e. not so long ago I could eat raw carrots, sweetcorn, raw and cooked onions but now, I can't touch them as I am in a lot of pain if I eat them. I was lactose free for a couple of months and when I was away on holiday I had coffee in National Trust cafes and other cafes and had no reaction whatsoever; I think I can safely say that lactose isn't a problem.

Like you are I slowly but surely cutting out certain foods, finding out what agrees and what doesn't and hopefully will get there in the end. I think I can almost say for certain that my body does not like high fat food i.e. I switched to full fat milk, it was lactose free, and I ended up with nausea but it took me a while to figure out that it was the milk, this also happens with full fat cheese.

I really hope that you find out all your trigger foods and then end of clear of this horrible condition.

Alicia :)

I hope you get it figured out soon! I did wonder about fat, and particularly dairy fat for myself because it used to give me plugged ducts leading to mastitis regularly when I was breastfeeding my babies - which also took me a very long time to work out the cause of! But I'm pretty sure now I'm ok digesting fat (apart perhaps from cream, which I haven't even tried as I'm avoiding lactose) and vegetable oils, which is great as I can now smother things in butter to make them taste better. I never realized how important taste was to me till I needed to start cutting out foods.. I really miss onion, it used to go in almost every dinner.

I'm pretty sure I will and I am determined as like a lot of us on here I've had enough now and really want to feel like I did before I had IBS - I've had it for around 20 years now. Mastitis is such a painful condition, I had this many many years ago when my eldest was a baby and I breastfed her but was having problems so gave us but when I stopped the Mastitis kicked in, oh boy was it painful!! Butter is a wonderful thing and makes things taste lovely and I, like you, do miss onion as it's the staple food to go in just about everything.

We'll get there in the end and I know that I am very lucky as when I read on here what people are going through it makes me sad for them.

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