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Bp up, chest pain, dizziness

Been off work since Monday I started sweating and feeling real dizzy with some chest pain. Doctors have me checking bp twice a day and so far it's average reading is 140/80 I've got blood test Friday then got to go for a ecg! All following a my appointment with gastrointestinal doc on the 30th.

I'm scared that I have something sinister in my stomach causing all these problems, I'm scared I may have cancer eating me up. Am I being paranoid? My gastro problems are a constant pain under my left breast area.


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Hello, I have same symptoms, wake up sweating with chest pain. Have also been under specialist for dizziness which they thought might be an inner ear issue. I think the two are connected to be honest. I know anxiety make me worst but its not easy, when like you I imagine its something awful. The pain scary isn't it. Mine is on the other side(constant stitch). I hope all goes well for you and they get to the bottom of it. I keep thinking this can't just be IBS then you look at the posts on here and feel reassured. I have a colonoscopy on 7th Sept. Worried sick as are you.


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