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Ibs flare up

Have been having terrible symptoms for almost 6 weeks have had maybe 5 days where I have felt normal I have lost weight when it starts I can't eat and the bloated feeling goes up to under my Brest bone do I get reflux with it ... dr is saying ibs never has it this bad in my life have been off work a lot and can't really socialise . Have been trying fodmap diet but not really sure if it d helping making me really low ... has anyone had symptoms that last this long and will they eventually go ??

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Hi woo woo poor you sounds horrible, that is a long spell. I personally haven't experienced that. I generally get periods where I forget I have it and then it flares up and I get diarrhoea and all the rest of it including reflux. Have you considered bio acidophilus supplements from holland and Barrett? I've just gone back on them and have to say system been much healthier, could be worth a shot? Also are you doing regular exercise perhaps something gentle like swimming or yoga and drinking plenty of water? Could also consider asking gp for referral to dietician? Good luck x


Hi thanks for reply ... I will try the supplements I always drink plenty of water .. to be honest this has floored me was feeling very low feel better now I've been trying yoga but might start doing bit more maybe a light jog... thankyou x


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