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Hi guys


So I posted this is another community because I wasn't sure who would provide the best insight. Not sure if this is the proper forum, but my doc says I have acid reflux. The thing is that over the past week, I have nonstop had bloating and I seem to get full faster. I am not constipated but I feel short of breath and tired. I also get chest pressure and heart burn. I also haven't slept in about a month because I would wake up gasping for air and recently it has been the bloating, nose congestion and just the feeling of food in my stomach that keeps me up till 5am where I feel less short of breath to sleep. Does blaoting cause that? I also have anxiety. I am taking 150mg zantac once a day. I am only 17 and I feel like this intruding :/

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If you have low stomach acid it could cause your food to digest more slowly and reflux. Anxiety also causes reflux. And feelings of breathlessness. Try eating small amounts only before bed. Perhaps take some apple cider vinegar before meals to see if that helps the feelings of fullness.

If you have heartburn, try to sleep propped up. And if needs be take something like gaviscon if the pain is too much to sleep. Try to avoid proton pump inhibitors as this can actually make things worse over time.

Your symtoms also sound a bit like SIBO. If you think you may have that then ask your GP to send you for a breath test.

Have you tried mindfulness for the anxiety? It's the only thing that has stopped my constant anxiety.

There are also lots of links between gut and mental health. So try to make sure you are eating a good mixed diet fulll of vegetables and fruit and lots if different foods. You could also think about trying a good probiotic.

As forums go, I would take a look at the Easy on the tummy Facebook group. Gut problems are a nightmare and mean lots of trial and error. They have lots if great read if things you could try.

I agree with MiniMum97. Read as much as you can. We are all different,what suits one person may not suit another. Sometimes it is a hit and miss. You can always get a second opinion, after all doctors are all different as well. Good luck,do your research

Hi, it's good that others have replied and have managed to give you some good advice and no more what you are experiencing than I do.

I have IBS now and again but since being put on Amitriptyline 10mg again for my fibromyalgia it seems to have been a great help with my tummy problems. I would say however that you get a blood test done to rule out other things that can cause breathlessness and exhaustion i.e. anaemia, or a vitamin deficiency.

Years ago I had anaemia (low iron count) and had chest pains, pain down my arms, and was so breathless and tired all the time ,it is fairly common especially in women with menstruating and my eating habits were not the best. Worth having a simple blood test! I wish you well. hugs x

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