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Bloated 24/7


Hi I have just joined this network. I had bloating for several years but worsened since last few months! Had blood tests which came normal. Have tried several medicines such as mebeverine, gastro resistant tablets of various types but did not help at all. My doctor has referred me for an ultrasound scan then visit to the gastro intrology consultant!! I am waiting for these appointments! In the meantime suffering really really bad bloating & pain under my left rib cage! The biggest problem I have is that I can't sleep with bloated tummy!!! Which gets me exhausted during the day!! I would appreciate any help of you guys who may be suffering the same!

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Hi, have you tried peppermint tea? I know meberberine tablets are peppermint but sometimes alternativescan help better. Also if you try to massage your belly or try some yoga moves. I have tried some yoga moves for pains due to ibs and trapped wind and some have helped slightly.


Hi I have identical symptoms to you, I have found eating smaller portions can help, also drinking at least 3 litres of water a day. I drink prune juice that helps move the bloating along the tummy and pass through the body naturally. Try to relax as this makes the bloating worse. Do you suffer from constipation too?


Have you been checked out for Candida and SIBO? I had this going on for years without knowing it:

Definitely worth ruling out.


I'm really suffering with bloating from upper abdomen down. I too been referred for ultrasound today by GP. Was referred for gastro appt last December, still waiting for that! Fed up with feeling yuk, and nothing seems to really help. Peppermint tea sometimes helps a little , but this latest 'flare up' been going on for 2 weeks after my ibs was bad, and I've tried everything to no avail! It's stressing me out majorly that is something serious, which I know aggravates things. It's no fun is it😩

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