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Out of no where

Hi there, new to the community, suffered with IBS for over 4 years now and had taken Colofac Mebeverine.. I stopped taking this around 2 years ago and take a daily peppermint oil tab, up until around 2 months ago I have been mostly ibs free for over a year and one day around a couple of months ago the diarrhoea hit like a ton of bricks one day, I struggled but slowly got it back under control and today I've woke up with agonising cramps.. I don't know why? Can you build up an immunity to peppermint oil??

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I'm not sure but possibly you can. For instance, I used to buy Windeze Gel Capsules and then I couldn't find them so went to Buscupan. Buscupan didn't work as well but I didn't think there was much else (this was before I was on this network) but I have recently found the Windeze Gel Capsules and started taking them, they now don't work very well with me.

I have now ordered Kolanticon Gel as I read a post on here some time back that it had worked. Have a look at it online, I ordered mine from Chemist.net but read online reviews before I ordered it and also read a leaflet:


Best of luck


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