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5 year "pregnancy"

I'm all new to this...so here i go. I had a cesarean section 5years ago and contracted the "c-diff" superbug. My digestive system was severly damaged and due to this it has left me with chronic ibs. I have all the debilitating syptoms, but the worst i find is the constant bloated stomach, it is the size of a 9month pregnant tummy...all the time!! It never goes away🙁. I just wondered if anyone can offer advise as my specialist and gp "i feel" are at a loss.

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I can only answer you based on my own cesarean.

There are 2 things I would start with:

1) Your digestive system has become super sensitive and disrupted. I would suggest getting checked out for dysbiosis (Candida/SIBO) that may have set in and be going on in the background. This article gives more details of symptoms and tests: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...

2) Consider that the superbug may not be the only thing going on. Even though your mind has moved on, your body may still be holding a lot of nervous tension locked inside, and this may be at the root of your extreme bloating (which I had for a number of years too). What helped me a lot was Reiki energy. If you have a few sessions with someone local it can help appease inner tensions that you don't have access to and let out any associated emotions.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks very much Alison for getting back to me😆 I will have a look into dybiosis ( i have not heard of that). I also think the stress of being ill all the time does contribute. I had a course of hypnotherapy at wythensawe ( manchester). I will look into Reiki. Thanks again😙😙


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