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Coeliac disease diet and IBS diet


I've been recently suffering with IBS which was only finally diagnosed yesterday and foods seem to be triggering it as well as stress the foods I was told by the doctor that were to be avoided were: dairy, red meats, chocolate and crisps etc, root vegetables, various potato products and 'heavy carbs'. I also have sensitive coeliac disease and have no idea where to start on what I should cut out and what I can eat. Any suggestions would be very helpful

Thank you!

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Do you belong to the gluten free forum?

Its possible that if you have a confirmed coeliac diagnosis that you are lactose or caisin intolerant too.

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Ok so first of all the doctors right about food triggers but not necessarily correct about what you specifically should avoid. Sadly it's mostly trial and error. The fodmap diet ( use Google) is a good starting point but can be very restrictive. Has your doctor told you which Ibs you have? Coeliac food tends to be very high in fibre which can be really bad for an IBSD Sufferer. Like I said it's a lot of trial and error but am happy to discuss it further if you want to

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Also foodmap diet should also help too low fat diet the dietitian should gave u a list of what foods cause those issues once u know what to eat and not you will feel better in yourself....


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