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Hi I'm a 43 year old lady I have had years of trouble with my stomach I find it hard to eat anything and spend forever on the toilet. I have had lots of surgeries and have been told I have to live with my symptoms as this is why it is happening. I refuse to live like this a believe I will find an answer one day. I will try anything I just need a little guidance as I don't know where to start. Many thanks for reading 😊

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  • Watch this, practically I healed myself with the help of this guy, had very bad symptoms for a year or so, literally thought I will die... then I changed my lifestyle, got rid of bad habits, went into sports, exercises, healthy diet and in a matter of 3 months, I got completely reborn... ;)

  • how many different diets have you tried? with me i find avoiding stress and dairy food helped some but i know what you mean iv had days of constant toilet going .. till it hurts and it leaves you feeling down and anxious . do you exercise?

  • Hi Jen

    When I read your post it so reminded me of myself and what I said to one of the specialists. I told him that I was not prepared to live my life in pain and there must be something out there that could help me get better.

    Jen you have not said what is causing you to run to the toilet. It sounds like when you eat it's just going right through you?

    Have they tested you for IBS, Colitis or diverticulitis ?

    I have ulcerated Colitis and diverticulitis and I am on medication for the ulcerative colitis and that helps to keep it under control. I also take Hemp oils to help with the pain and they have worked fantastically for me. I have only been on it for 2 weeks and the pain is gone. I get some tightness in my mussels as they have not been used correctly for a while. I am thinking about getting the Hemp oil in suppositories to see if they help with my ulcerative colitis.

    I have never taken anything like this in my life and I done a hole lot of research before taking anything. I got my first oils from CBD Brothers and my creams from Holland and Barrett CBD Brothers supply Holland and Barrett with some of the products. They are a very reliable company. I truly wish you all the luck in finding something to help you. Well at least I think that I have found something to help me and I truly hope that it continues to help because it has really changed my life. I hope that you can feel better soon. Take good care of yourself. Jan 🤗🤗🌺🌸🌹🌷 xxx

  • Keffir and kambusha tea are good for the immune system.

  • Do you get bloating? Please get tested for Dysbiosis.

  • Do try Yakult I find it very good for IBS - constipation type.

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