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New here - strong contractions in my chest/belly


Hi all,

I have a history of Ibs but I came here for another health issue. I have had these one off strong contraction in my chest that freaks the hell out of me. Of course my first thought was heart and went to have it checked by the cardiologist who didn't find anything abnormal (but since this happens only once every couple of months, I am not surprised he didn't find anything). Now what I am interested in is to compare my symptoms and yours to have a better idea of what this could be.

I would characterize my contactions are a one time occurrence. They happen at random times, although I noticed they happen more around meal time. They are very surprising and freak me all the time. After, I tend to have some kind of stomach gas. So I don't really know if this is a kind of arrhythmia or some form of stomach/œsophagal contraction.

What do you think?

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Hi, I appreciate your anxiety as something quite similar has happened to me 2 or 3 times in the last few months, and like you , I thought "OMG _ this must be a heart attack!". Not being a great one for going to the dr. I sat it out. It may have lasted half an hour in total each time, and each time resulted in huge belches. So I conclude that it has been trapped gas, but unusually high up. Recently, I have been suffering with gastritis as well as IBS, and that has caused a few unpleasant symptoms including belching a lot. I did see the DR about 18 months ago re this, and he advised bland diet ie , no spices, fatty foods, or acids, and low fibre. This makes the low fodmaps diet extremely difficult indeed, but worth trying. A Gaviscon type of medication has also ben really helpful for me..

Thanks for your feedback. How would you describe your sensation when it occurs?

Sorry for the delay in replying to you. How time flies! The sensation for me is first one of mild / moderate indigestion , central and approx. in the heart area. Over the following half hour this seems to build up into a more intense pressure type of severe discomfort (no acid or belching or nausea) Fortunately it doesn't happen too often. Then it gradually reduces and fades away. It might last an hour or an hour and a half in total.

check out -

precordial catch syndrome on the internet - its not dangerous but occurs to me occasionally in the chest area - feels very wierd... could it be this?

Thanks for your suggestion. I don't think it is that because I have the feeling it is a muscle issue rather than a nerve pinch (unless the nerve triggers some muscle reaction?)

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