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Tummy pains

Hello I am new on here just need help I as adimt into hospital with bad pains on left side of my tummy and I am in such bad pain with me I got left out Saturday with pain relief they found out I was block with poo so I took some powerd stuff get my bowl going see, to working my poo go really wet and still in pain with it I've feeling unwell having bad head and still not eating because making me sick could any help me I feeling really unwell the nhs can't do anything for me

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Hi Dannytay

Welcome. Firstly I would like to say I am no doctor and I am only telling you that it sounds like you have the same symptoms that I have. If the pain is on the left hand side and it's very tender and painful and your running to the toilet and it can make you sick or feel sick then it sounds like you have diverticulitis. They can give you steroids and antibiotics. The steroids will make you feel very well but you still have to be treated with antibiotics. Please ask you GP to look at you for diverticulitis. I am no doctor but I suffer from diverticulitis and it sounds to me that is what you are having trouble with. Go back to your GP as soon as you can.

I truly wish you wish you all the best of luck and to get well as soon as you can. Take good care of yourself. Jan101 🤗🤗xxx


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