IBS affecting sleep

Does anyone else find it hard to sleep? I've slept really well over winter, and now I'm struggling to sleep. My IBS hasn't been too bad lately, just niggles and grumbles rather than severe symptoms, but I'm finding I'm waking up several times throughout the night with stomach ache and nausea and hot flushes even though I feel alright during the day. Anyone got any tips for getting a better nights sleep?

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  • Probiotics, coconut oil, bananas etc might help you out and water.

  • Thanks, I'll up my intake of those and see how I go. Do you take your coconut oil in any particular way or just use it instead of other oils in your cooking?

  • Hello, I try to lie on my left side and prop myself up on pillows but this is mainly because I have an hiatus hernia and acid reflux too. I put on a meditation before I sleep as I get anxious worrying if the pain will wake me up when I know I have to work. I too get hot flushes and a weird shivering down my back. Just wondered do you get shivers as well. :( I am trying not to eat past 6pm at present)

  • I do get shivers as well. I seem forever to be getting both hot and cold flushes; my body changes temperature really quickly and it's not unusual for me to have icy feet and legs while my face is burning up. Some nights I wake up in a hot sweat - or in a cold sweat! I'm not sure of anything to help remedy this, it's been going on for most of my adult life now!

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